Petroleum Engineering Certification


  • Application: USD 150
  • Annual Renewal: USD 40

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  • Get recognized for your compliance with industry standards
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the profession
  • Add to your technical knowledge


  • Have an undergraduate engineering degree from a recognized institution.
  • Take an exam to measure your level of engineering fundamentals and ability to solve practical engineering problems. [The exam may be waived if you have passed a written competency examination to practice in petroleum engineering as a registered, licensed, chartered, or professional engineer. University exit exams are not considered valid for the waiver.]
  • Demonstrate at least 4 years of experience and training in engineering.
  • Be a member in good standing with the Society of Petroleum Engineers.
  • Maintain your certification by completing 16 hours of continued professional development and education, as well as your annual renewal fee.

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SPE Certification Announcement
Beginning 24 September 2014, the SPE Petroleum Engineering Certification Exam will convert to a 70 problem, multiple choice exam to be administered over a seven hour period. The morning and afternoon sections of the exam will be 3.5 hours each, with an hour available for a lunch break.  This new and improved exam format will still test breadth and depth technical knowledge in the sub-disciplines of reservoir, drilling, and production/operations.  The difference in the exam formats between old and new is that general engineering questions were removed that had been used to establish a baseline to confirm that the exam candidate was truly an engineer.  The SPE Exam Coordinator and the SPE Engineering Professionalism approved the change to a more concise and refined examination.  The reduction in exam hours reflects the estimated time needed for candidates to complete all problem sets. 

If there are any questions about the new exam format, please direct them to

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The icon is available to members who have met the requirements to become an SPE Certified
Petroleum Engineer.

Important Notice: Effective 7 October 2012, candidates that fail the first attempt on the exam must wait 12 months before a second attempt. Failing the second exam attempt, candidates must wait three years before the third attempt. Candidates will only be allowed to attempt the exam three times.