Petroleum Engineering Certification


  • Application: USD 150
  • Annual Renewal: USD 40

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  • Get recognized for your compliance with industry standards
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the profession
  • Add to your technical knowledge


  • Have an undergraduate engineering degree from a recognized institution.
  • Take an exam to measure your level of engineering fundamentals and ability to solve practical engineering problems. [The exam may be waived if you have passed a written competency examination to practice in petroleum engineering as a registered, licensed, chartered, or professional engineer. University exit exams are not considered valid for the waiver.]
  • Demonstrate at least 4 years of experience and training in engineering.
  • Be a member in good standing with the Society of Petroleum Engineers.
  • Maintain your certification by completing 16 hours of continued professional development and education, as well as your annual renewal fee.

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Important Notice: Effective 7 October 2012, candidates that fail the first attempt on the exam must wait 12 months before a second attempt. Failing the second exam attempt, candidates must wait three years before the third attempt. Candidates will only be allowed to attempt the exam three times.