Distinguished Lecturer Evaluation Contest


Distinguished Lecturer Evaluation Contest Winners Announced for 2017-2018

Thank you to all section members for attending Distinguished Lecturer meetings and submitting evaluations during the 2017–2018 season. The winners of the Distinguished Lecturer Evaluation Contest are:

  • Maputo Section
  • Kavala Section
  • Japan Section
  • Mexico Section

How do I participate?

The evaluation process has been simplified, and you will now be able to complete and submit Distinguished Lecturer’s evaluations online or use the QR code on an evaluation. No paper evaluations will be accepted.

To ensure that your section is entered into and wins the 2018–2019 Distinguished Lecturer Evaluation Contest, please:

  1. Attend a section meeting featuring a Distinguished Lecturer. Listen to, engage and evaluate the Distinguished Lecturer’s presentation.
  2. Fill out and submit the Section Attendees' Tour Evaluation form online for every Distinguished Lecturer visit. Note: Evaluations are no longer accepted by mail or email.

What will my section receive for participating?

  • Acknowledgment on SPE.org