An Announcement from SPE President Terry Palisch: London Office to Close in June 2024

25 January 2024

After careful consideration and evaluation, SPE has made the difficult decision to permanently close our London office and consolidate SPE Europe staff support in our other global offices.

This decision was not made lightly. Years of financial data were analyzed and presented to the SPE Board to understand the new realities of revenue, expenses, programs, and services. The organization must further reduce its operating costs. 

After a comprehensive review of our global operations' physical footprint including an assessment of office space needs, SPE has determined it necessary to close the London office in addition to the previously announced decision to sell the Richardson, Texas office. We are also renegotiating the leases where possible in our other locations.

Europe remains extremely important to SPE, as it has since long before the London office opened in 1991. This decision in no way indicates a reduction in support of SPE’s European members, sections, or chapters. On the contrary, shoring up SPE’s financial exposure will allow SPE to better support the region and the world.  

Key points to note:

  • Closure Date: The London office will close by 30 June 2024. 
  • Transition Period: In the coming months, there will be a transition period to assess the impact of the office closure. 
  • Continued Support: Despite the closure, we remain committed to providing continued support and service to our members and other valued customers in the region and throughout the globe. 

SPE is committed to maintaining open lines of communication. If you have any concerns or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to our global Customer Service team.

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