Peer-Reviewed Journals

SPE’s peer review process provides invaluable constructive feedback from experts in your field, allowing you to make a good paper even better.

How does the peer-review process work?

Authors are encouraged to submit technical papers for publication in our peer-reviewed journals. We welcome both conference papers and papers submitted directly for review.

After selecting a journal and submitting your paper, the journal’s editors will identify technical reviewers who will evaluate your paper's criteria for publication and provide constructive feedback. It usually takes 90 days for the paper's decision to be rendered to the author, which we believe to be a reasonable timeframe for providing a thorough and fair evaluation. While it is our goal to always meet this standard, SPE's Editorial Review Structure is comprised wholly of volunteers from industry and academia, and as such, there may be occasions when a paper's review time is extended.

Editorial Review Committee

1. Prepare your paper+
2. Determine which publication is right for your paper+
3. Submit your paper+


'A Peer Apart' Award

SPE created A Peer Apart in 2007 to recognize dedicated individuals who have been involved in the peer review of 100 or more papers. Learn more and see winners »