Writing a Proposal

A proposal should be about 225-425 words and include the following elements:

  1. Title: provide a short and informative with familiar terms.
  2. Objectives/Scope: Please list the objectives and/or scope of the proposed paper.
  3. Methods, Procedures, Process: Briefly explain your overall approach, including your methods, procedures and process.
  4. Results, Observations, Conclusions: Please describe the results, observations and conclusions of the proposed paper.
  5. Novel/Additive Information: Please explain how this paper will present novel (new) or additive information to the existing body of literature that can be of benefit to and/or add to the state of knowledge in the petroleum industry.

Tips for Writing a Proposal

  • Your title should avoid words “new” and “improved”.
  • Avoid literature overview in your objective.
  • Answer the “what” and “how” in your method.
  • Highlight the importance of your findings in your observations.
  • Avoid repeating your results and observations in your conclusion.
  • Focus the application of your findings on how to improve the industry needs in an efficient and environmentally safe manner.
  • Highlight specifics about your innovations.
  • Provide succinct, relevant and convincing information.

Selection Criteria

Your proposal should demonstrate that your paper will:

  • Contribute solid technical knowledge in a particular area or present relevant and interesting information
  • Present information that is technically sound
  • Present new knowledge or experience that has not been published previously
  • Not be commercial in nature and will not promote specific companies, products or services