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Formation Evaluation Award

The SPE Formation Evaluation Award recognizes outstanding achievements in or contributions to the advancement of petroleum engineering in the area of formation evaluation, encompassing core analysis, well logging, and petrophysics.

2020 - E.C. Thomas
2018 - Leonty Tabarovsky
2017 - Mark Proett
2016 - Arthur C. Cheng
2015 - Cosan Ayan
2014 - Paul Worthington
2013 - Anil Kumar
2012 - Leif Larsen
2011 - Mehdi Matt Honarpour
2010 - Mustafa Onur
2009 - T. S. Ramakrishnan
2008 - Carlos Torres-Verdin
2007 - Erdal Ozkan
2006 - Zaki Bassiouni
2005 - Albert C. Reynolds
2004 - Medhat M. Kamal
2003 - Djebbar Tiab
2002 - Barbara I. Anderson
2001 - Alain C. Gringarten
2000 - Fikri Kuchuk
1999 - Ram Agarwal
1998 - Mukul M. Sharma
1997 - Stanley C. Jones
1996 - Brian O. Clark
1995 - Christine Ehlig-Economides
1994 - Robert J. S. Brown
1993 - Monroe H. Waxman
1992 - Joseph Zemanek Jr.
1991 - Aytekin Timur


Nominee Eligibility

Must be a living member of SPE or a group, the lead of which is an SPE member.

A nominee is not eligible:

  • If they have received the John Franklin Carll Award, Lester C. Uren Award, DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal, or Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal
  • If they are on the current SPE Board of Directors, Formation Evaluation award committee or those who have served in these positions during the past 2 years.

To Nominate

  1. Fill out nomination form.
  2. Complete all required information on nomination form; incomplete nominations will not be accepted.
  3. Include a complete statement of the reasons for proposing the candidate, with a record of the candidate's professional and industrial achievements in detail.
  4. Collaborate with colleagues to send letters supporting this nomination.
Small red flag

All information about the candidate and their qualifications for the award must be included on the online nomination form. Candidates will be sent an email requesting a CV/resume when you submit the nomination. Nominations and letters of recommendation are confidential. Candidates remain on the active consideration list for 3 years. If a candidate is not selected during the 3-year active consideration cycle, you can nominate them again if all other eligibility requirements are met.