Important Dates and Deadlines

21 September | Nominations Open
15 February
| International Nominations Close
10 March
| CV/Resume or LinkedIn Profile & Supporting Letter(s) Due

SPE International Awards

International awards recognize individuals who make significant technical and professional contributions to the petroleum engineering profession and to the worldwide oil and gas industry. 

  • International nominations will remain active for three years.
  • International awards are presented annually at ATCE.
  • International nominations require a minimum of one letter of support, maximum of six, to be uploaded by contributors.
  • International nominations require candidate to upload their CV/Resume or LinkedIn profile. 

Before You Nominate

Prior to submitting a nomination, please consider the following:

  • Self-nominations are not permitted. Submitting a self-nomination under false pretenses could result in becoming ineligible to be considered for future SPE Awards.
  • Do not submit duplicate nominations – doing so could render your candidate ineligible.
    • International nominations remain in the candidate pool for three years. You do not need to submit a new nomination each year; however, you may log-in to update or revise your nomination if desired.
    • Regional winners approved to move to the international level will automatically be moved to the international candidate pool. Please do not submit new nominations for these candidates. 
    • If you log-in and are unsure if you have already submitted a nomination for a particular candidate, please email for assistance.
  • Take time to review the ​eligibility requirements​ for each award, and make sure to nominate your candidate for the award that best meets their qualifications – doing so will increase their chance of being selected as an award recipient.
  • Nominating a candidate at the international level takes time, so please be sure you are ready to commit the days/weeks it takes to prepare a quality nomination and be sure to review our "Tips and Best Practices." In addition:  
    • Request well written, strong letters of support. Encourage your supporters to cover accomplishments that differ from one another. Prior to electing your contributors, reach out to them to let them know what to expect, and if desired, you can request that they email their proposed letters to you for review prior to uploading.
    • Make sure your candidate uploads a well written CV/Resume – or provides a detailed and complete LinkedIn profile. 
    • Make sure the highlights and greatest accomplishments of your candidate are included in the required uploads. There Is a strong chance the judges may not know your candidate, so it is up to you and your contributors to paint a picture for them. Help them understand why YOUR candidate deserves the award.
  • Prior to getting started, please watch our Nomination Process Demonstration video.
  • View a few Member Award Stories to learn how rewarding it is to nominate a colleague for an international award.

Complete List of SPE International Awards

Offshore Technology Conference Distinguished Achievement Awards

Each year, OTC recognizes individuals and companies that have made outstanding achievements to the offshore E&P industry. The Distinguished Achievement Awards provides OTC's top honors. SPE is one of 13 sponsoring organizations of OTC. Learn more about OTC's Distinguished Achievement Awards.