Director's Blog

January 2020

Barry Hanson

Welcome to the New Year and a new decade. I hope you are energized about where SPE is heading.

An important deadline is fast approaching - for nominations for Regional and International awards. The awards are an important part of SPE, as they recognize the contributions of its members to the Society, the industry at large, and even to the general public. The deadline for nominatons for International Awards is February 15 followed by the Regional Awards deadline of March 1. If you think one of your colleagues and fellow SPE members is deserving of recognition, please do not hesitate to put their name forward for the appropriate award. If you have any doubt about what award they may be suitable for, reach out to me or the Chair of the Canada Region awards committee, Gokhan Coskuner, for assistance.

Some other activities your Society has undertaken is to engage in the discussion about why we should be proud of our contribution to global prosperity and attempting to dispel some of the “false facts” that seem to have become an accepted part of the global conversation these days. I believe there is a future in our industry for our children and their children and so on for decades to come. Visit the Energizing Our Lives section of the SPE website and read the Fuelling Progress Blog and let us know what you think!

As your representative on the SPE International Board of Directors, I wish each and everyone of you the best in the New Year!

Barry Hanson
SPE Regional Director
North America