Director's Blog

October 2020

Barry Hanson

Greetings to all of you across the country, from Vancouver to Halifax and St. Johns and even to our soon to be new section in Southern Ontario!

Here we are again with autumn upon us and ATCE about to take place in the next few days – nearly a month later than originally scheduled and in an entirely different manner. In the matter of two to three months, SPE has transitioned from holding several dozen physical events a year to no physical events with everything possible delivered through a virtual forum.  The resulting impact to the organization’s revenue stream has been dramatic to say the least, but the focus continues to be finding ways to keep the members involved and ensuring that the mission of the Society is upheld.  At all levels, from the chapters and sections all the way up to the CEO and the Board of Directors, efforts have been made and attempts are continuing to reach as many members of the SPE as possible with opportunities to share successes (and failures) through paper presentations or publication, improve their skills with courses and training or just to stay in touch.

I hope you are pleased with the changes to JPT and the other SPE magazines and Journals that are being implemented over the next few months and stay tuned for additional initiatives and improvements over the next year.

I wish to bid you farewell as I leave the position and turn it over to Deb Ryan. Deb is based in Denver and will represent the Canada Region and the Rocky Mountain North America Region on the SPE Board. I wish to welcome Deb to the position and know that she is very excited to meet everyone, hopefully in person soon!

Barry Hanson
SPE Regional Director
North America