Director's Blog

September 2021

Image of Deb Ryan

I hope everyone had a good summer. As I’ve speaking to members over the last couple of months, understandably the topic that is continually coming up is the announcement in May that AAPG & SPE are starting to explore a merger of the two organizations. 

It is understandable that members have questions about what is going on, and I wanted to let you know there are some resources available to answer some of the questions. For those that weren’t able to join the townhalls, they are available for members to watch. There is also a website that will provide updates as well as a FAQ page. It is important to stress that a merger has not yet been done. In May, both the SPE and AAPG only approved the investigation of what that might look like. 

Once the committee overseeing the due diligence for the merger has finalized their work, the decision will be put to both the SPE and AAPG Boards for a vote. If both boards approve the merger, then the final decision will be put to you, the members. All members will have the opportunity to vote. SPE is a member organization first and foremost, and the input of the members is critical, especially given the importance of the decision for our organization.  

I look forward to seeing some of you in Dubai, and continue to interact with members virtually. 


Deb Ryan
SPE Regional Director
North America