SPE eMentoring Stories

Read how our members are building their careers and benefitting from joining the SPE eMentoring program as both mentors and mentees.

Photo of Shauna Noonan

"There is so much satisfaction to be gained from investing in someone’s career development as a mentor. There is also much to be gained from investing in yourself and seeking out being mentored."

— Shauna Noonan, 2020 SPE President

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Benefits of Being a Mentee

Zach Malone, Mentee

Why I Chose to Become a Mentor

Mark Brinsdon, Mentor

Jorge Luis Proaño Suárez, Petroleum Engineering Student, Mentee

"My mentors have become my friends. They still give me advice and are sources that I can look to for information."

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Dinesh Shivananthan, Petroleum Production Engineer, Mentor

"For many mentees—especially students—you, as a mentor, may be their main portal into the world of professional petroleum engineers. Be prepared to share your experiences, achievements, and hardships with them."

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Patricia E. Carreras, Reservoir Engineering Consultant, Mentor

"Mentoring is the most powerful tool to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from experienced to young professionals. The SPE eMentoring program provides the means to generate these win-win cross-generational relationships."

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Photo of Luis Enrique Valencia

Luis Enrique Valencia, Development Geologist, Mentor and Mentee

"My transition from mentee to mentor in the program was natural—to retribute to SPE the good advice provided to me by my mentors, and to encourage students to keep working hard for their dreams."
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Kai C. Eberspaecher, Senior Associate, Mentor

"I was inspired, by commitment and service of very experienced senior colleagues in the oil and gas industry, to unleash my passion to serve SPE in different capacities."

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Fábio Terzini, PhD Student, Mentee

"A good mentoring connection, from my perspective, is achieved when both sides are willing to share experiences and set goals, and when the mentee puts the advice into practice."

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