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Image of Faisal N. Nughaimish
Faisal N. Nughaimish

As we move forward into the New Year’s first quarter, I want to thank you for your hard work and efforts in 2020, a year that challenged us to find new sources of strength and courage. SPE has become more flexible as a society and did not allow the pandemic to deter our progress. Read more.

President's Column

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Tom Blasingame

Chapter 4: Opening the Sails

“Opening our sails” is a metaphor that the worst of the storm has passed or is passing, and it is time to get ourselves shipshape, making necessary repairs and preparations, and get back on course. Read more.

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SPE Live On-Demand: Featuring Speakers from the Region

New SPE Online Education Series

Discover the new Savvy Separator Online Education Series—This ten-part video series provides a basic level of understanding of separator design and troubleshooting. The 15–30 minute videos are based on a 2-day SPE separator training class. Separator types, design methodology, inlet piping effects, and internals are discussed along with a review of troubleshooting methods and case studies. Register Today.

New SPE Member Benefit Offered on OnePetro®

In 2021, SPE professional members will receive six complimentary downloads of SPE papers annually. To receive this member benefit, Sign In to OnePetro® then click on Your Name > My Memberships. Once there, choose SPE and enter your SPE.org credentials.

SPE will also continue to support our members during these difficult times by extending the discounted SPE Member pricing of USD 5 per SPE paper on OnePetro through 31 June 2021.

2021 SPE Distinguished Lecturers Schedule

The Distinguished Lecturer programme focuses on industry trends, challenges, and technology applications and advances. It has speakers from various disciplines and professions. For the 2020–2021 SPE Distinguished Lecturer season, the following topics and speakers will be presented. Checkout the calendar for a schedule of the Distinguished Lecturers.


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