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SPE Live Podcast: Building the Bridge to the Future of Energy Engineering

18 May 2023


Addressing the challenges in the evolving field of Energy Engineering requires the development of new tools and solutions for reliable characterization of subsurface rocks. This demands training engineers and scientists who can think out of the box to develop sustainable and creative bridges to the future of Energy Engineering.

This SPE Live Podcast focuses on discussing directions to tackle challenges, developments, and data integration in the field of reservoir characterization and core analysis, from a geoscientist perspective. It also opens up the discussion on the tools and preparations needed to thrive and to enjoy this journey.

Speaker: Zoya Heidari
Moderator: Stefano Pruno

Recent Episodes

Drilling Automation Roadmap with John de Wardt

29 September 2020


SPE's Paige McCown talks with John de Wardt, founder of De Wardt and Company and program manager of the Drilling System Automation Roadmap to discuss the need for an industry roadmap.

Data and AI in the Petroleum Industry with Jeff Baetz

8 September 2020


In this podcast discussion, we talk about how artificial intelligence can help the industry through the digital transformation. This transition is a priority for oil and gas companies to reduce risk while improving operational efficiency.

The Way Ahead with Jeff Spath and Jennifer Miskimins

1 September 2020


In this podcast discussion, we are talking about the way ahead for students and recent graduates in petroleum engineering.

The COVID-19 pandemic-induced oil and gas downturn has caused a lot of uncertainty for students, especially petroleum engineers. Whether they are starting their college career or looking to enter the workforce, there are many challenges ahead. We intend to address those challenges and to answer questions live from the audience.

Our guests in this episode include:

  • Jeff Spath, Professor and the Department Head of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University
  • Jennifer Miskimins, Professor and the Department Head of the Petroleum Engineering Department at the Colorado School of Mines


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