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Welcome to the SPE Podcast.  SPE is a diverse organization, and we have many stories to share with you.  Many SPE podcasts will be in the form of interviews with industry experts about technical subjects. Others will include career advice, messages from SPE’s President, stories about the contributions of our industry to society, sustainability topics, and more.   We will use the episode title to let you know which type of podcast to expect.

We will release new SPE podcasts every 1-2 weeks on Tuesdays.

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Episode 7 – SPE Talks To: Andrew Pepper

12 November 2019

Fluid saturation isn't what it used to be when it comes to unconventional reservoirs. Our guest is among those sharing new research to discuss the shale sector’s changing perspectives on the importance of mobile hydrocarbons vs. immobile hydrocarbons. Petroleum Geoscience innovator Andrew (Andy) Pepper joins The SPE Podcast this week with his take on how unconventional reservoir evaluation can be improved. One lingering question: can oil and gas companies trust their logs?

Episode 6 – SPE Talks To: Shauna Noonan
"Strengthening the Quality of SPE’s Technical Content"

5 November 2019

"Our Society has a wealth of technical content, and it is rapidly growing." 2020 SPE President Shauna Noonan outlines four (4) objectives to strengthen the quality of SPE's technical content. Each month, Shauna will join The SPE Podcast to discuss her President's Column and to share her SPE journey. We'll end each of these podcasts asking the audience an interactive question.

Episode 5 – SPE Talks To: Yogashri Pradhan
"How to Market Yourself"

29 October 2019

A reservoir engineer for Endeavor Energy Resources, LP and a very active SPE member, Yogashri Pradhan discusses how to market yourself and grow your career. She has built a successful personal brand through social media, and shares some of her tips.

Episode 4 – SPE Talks To: Nathan Meehan
"The End of Petroleum Engineering As We Know It"

22 October 2019

Author of 2019's most-downloaded OnePetro® paper and 2016 SPE President, Nathan Meehan joins The SPE Podcast this week. What does Meehan mean by his eye-catching headline? In this episode, host Trent Jacobs explores the depths of the popular paper, looking for an answer to "should I pursue a career in petroleum engineering?".

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OnePetro: The End of Petroleum Engineering as We Know It

Episode 3 – SPE Talks Tech: Real-time Fracturing, Pressure Monitoring, and Cube Drilling

15 October 2019

Trent Jacobs and Steve Rassenfoss cover emerging technology for the Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT), SPE's flagship publication. With SPE Talks Tech, our writers debate and discuss the hottest topics in the technical arena of the oil and gas industry.

Episode 2 – SPE Talks To: Shauna Noonan – Strengthen the Core

8 October 2019

2020 SPE President Shauna Noonan discusses her SPE journey and unveils the theme for her presidency. Each month, Shauna will join The SPE Podcast to share her President's Column. We'll end each of these podcasts asking the audience an interactive question.

Episode 1 – SPE Talks To: George King

1 October 2019

A completions advisor for Viking Engineering with almost 50 years of experience, George King appears on The SPE Podcast. King joins host Trent Jacobs, JPT Digital Editor, to discuss casing failures and horizontal wells.

Episode 0 – Welcome to the SPE Podcast 

24 September 2019

Mark Rubin, SPE's CEO and Executive Vice President, talks about why SPE is launching podcasts and what you can expect to hear from us.