Magnetic Thickness Detector

GOWell’s latest-generation ­magnetic-thickness-detector (MTD) tool is ca­pable of evaluating quantitative thickness measurements of three concentric pipes. The instrument combines a high-power transmitter, improved ­signal/noise electronics, and fully configurable acquisition. This flexible approach allows a wide range of evaluations under different conditions and conveyance systems, including logging in large pipes (up to 18⅝ in.), fast logging of single pipes, chrome- and alloy-pipe evaluation, thick casings, and memory-optimized logging. Internally, the tool acquires up to 300 channels of pulsed-eddy-current transient decay that can be transmitted in real time to surface or stored downhole. Real-time logging is possible either in combination below any of GOWell’s existing Multi-Finger Caliper (MFC) tools or when combined with PegasusStar, ­GOWell’s high-speed telemetry system. Memory acquisition is supported by GOWell’s memory logging system. When run with their Pegasus­Star platform, the MTD is fully combinable with  the MFC tool  and their Digital-Radial-Bond Tool, allowing a comprehensive evaluation of well integrity, providing accurate thickness information for multiple pipe strings as well as the cement-bond quality.

GOWell’s MTD tool can evaluate quantitative thickness measurements of three concentric pipes.