Dixia Fan

Dixia Fan Headshot Dixia Fan is currently a PhD candidate at MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. He holds a bachelor’s of science in ocean engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and a master’s of science from MIT.

During his undergraduate years, he founded the SJTU Intellectual Vehicle Lab. Under his direction, the lab received financial support from the university and several national companies. Fan also established extracurricular courses for SJTU students and served as a lecturer for three courses: Learning Embedment Development with AT Series, Winform Development with C#.net, and 3D Design and Animation.

As a PhD candidate at MIT, Fan is focused on deep-ocean technology. His research work has helped the industry successfully determine the hydrodynamic coefficient of the Deep-Water Blow-Out Preventer.

Fan is an active member of the newly founded MIT SPE Student Chapter. In addition, he is a key member of the MIT Mining, Oil and Gas Club and serves as the committee leader for the 2016 MIT Mining Oil and Gas Conference. Fan is also the recipient of the American Shipping Bureau Scholarship.

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