Policy to Establish and Maintain an SPE Section

Local sections exist within SPE to provide a framework for SPE activities within set boundaries.


The following requirements must be met and submitted to SPE International by 15 June, 15 October or 1 December.


  • Sections must have 25 professional members residing in the city of jurisdiction.


  • Sections must indicate and be named for the city in which they intend to meet.
    • Other cities in close proximity may be included in the jurisdiction if not currently served by another section.
    • Jurisdiction cannot include an entire country or large geographic area.
    • If any of the area is already included in the jurisdiction of another section, that section must agree to release the territory.
  • Sections should explain industry activity in the area.

Officers and Governance

  • Sections must elect and submit members in good standing who are willing to serve as officers.
  • Sections must agree with standard operating regulations as provided by SPE. If alternative versions are preferred, these should be submitted to SPE for approval.

Review and approval of petitions will be completed three times a year. Upon approval, SPE will issue official charters and logos.

To apply, download and submit a complete petition (.doc) to sections@spe.org by 15 June, 15 October or 1 December. Petitioning members are encouraged to work closely with staff before the deadline to ensure all details are correct.

Within 45 days of the submission deadline, the petitioning officer will be notified of approval. Until officially approved, groups may not operate using the SPE name.


Just as sections must meet certain requirements to be established, it is expected that they maintain certain requirements to maintain their status. Sections not in compliance forfeit benefits including but not limited to Distinguished Lecturer visits, monetary rebates, and consideration for awards. They may be subject to dissolution.

The compliance and disestablishment deadline is 1 December. Those deemed non-compliant will remain in a non-complaint status until 30 November of the following year. Those that are deemed non-compliant consecutively will be disestablished on 1 December.


  • Sections must have 25 professional members, excluding affiliates

Officers and Governance

  • Sections must have at least three core officers in good standing on file:
    • Chair, Program Chair, Membership Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
    • Student Chapter Liaison position required if support student chapters
  • Sections must submit annual reporting and financial information by the prescribed dates.
  • Adherence to SPE policies and deadlines – including use of provided broadcast email system.

In addition to needing to meet the above outlined requirements, sections’ performance will be assessed based on the following metrics:

  • Health of membership including strategies and statistics on the following:
    • Overall professional retention
    • Retention for new professional members
    • Growth rate
  • Variety and strength of programs and services offered to members
  • Holds at least two technical or professional development events a year (outside of the DL program)
  • Engagement with student members and helping convert students to professional members
  • Support of sponsored student chapter(s)including financial, operations, and programming
  • Operations and succession planning
  • Creating awareness and driving engagement of SPE International benefits and programs
  • Support and engagement with the Distinguished Lecturer Program

If one or more of the requirements is not met as of 1 September, SPE will notify the officers of the section. If corrective actions are not complete by 1 December, the section will be deemed at risk for non-compliance.

Any section that is deemed non-compliant on 1 December in consecutive years will be  disestablished as of 1 December.

Once disestablished, a section may not petition to establish again for a minimum of 12 months.


At any time, SPE may decide to disestablish sections. There may also be times when the leaders of a section find it necessary to cease operations. If dissolution is necessary, after fulfilling prior commitments, all remaining funds are encouraged to be allocated to the SPE Foundation to fund programming.

If disestablishment is initiated by SPE, members will be notified accordingly and given the opportunity to join another group, as appropriate.

If the section board deems necessary to dissolve the section, a documented affirmative vote of two-thirds of membership is required.

Once reviewed and approved by SPE, members will be notified accordingly and given the opportunity to join another group, as appropriate.