Student Paper Contest (SPC)

SPE coordinates Regional Student Paper Contests at the undergraduate, master's, and PhD levels across 14 regions. Students compete against other students in their region for the opportunity to advance to the International Student Paper Contest held during ATCE

Contestants enter an abstract of their paper and present it on the day of the competition. The winners of the Regional Contest are invited to present their full paper at the SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition. They also have the option to be published in OnePetro.

Regional Contests be found on the upcoming contest schedule. Contests held at events separate from these listed events will not be considered qualification as part of the International Student Paper Contest. 

To Enter a Regional Contest

  • Find your regional contest by checking the upcoming contest schedule. Make sure you submit before the contest deadline, and click the "Apply now" button.
  • Compete the form, including your Abstract which will be reviewed by a panel of judges. Only single-authored papers are allowed for this contest and they must be based on original work. Abstracts can be a maximum of 425 words. 
  •  If you are successful you will be invited to present your abstract and presentation at the regional contest.

All winners of the Regional Contests will be invited to present their work as part of the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) as part of the International Student Paper Contest and you have the option to be published in OnePetro.

Find your chapter to see which region you can apply for or view our Student Paper Contest Region Map.

Student Paper Contest Regions Map

(Click the map to view the full image.)


Prepare for the Contest


Contact your faculty advisor or chapter president for additional information. If you are not a member of a student chapter, contact and ask about how you can participate.

International Student Paper Contest at ATCE

The SPE International Student Paper Contest takes place during the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. All winners of the regional student paper contests are invited to participate in the international contest. 
Funding by SPE International will be provided, in additional to complimentary tickets to attend ATCE where they will compete against the other regional winners. 

All winners are offered the opportunity to submit their full technical paper to be included in the conference proceedings at ATCE. 

Student Paper Contest Travel Policy

Unfortunately, SPE International cannot provide funding for students to attend the Regional Student Paper Contests. Some regional contests may accept virtual presentations, depending on available facilities, but always check with your regional event contact.