Fracturing Fundamentals for Non-Fracers

Disciplines: Completions | Production and Operations | Reservoir

Course Description

The course presents the fundamentals of hydraulic fracturing, along with addressing the general process, the "terminology," and many of the "real-world" problems - in a concise format. The overall emphasis of the day is how hydraulic fracturing fits-in with, is impacted by, or impacts geologic concerns, reservoir engineering, and operations. The day will provide a general familiarity with fundamentals of the complete hydraulic fracturing process. That is - why it works (or doesn't), where is it applicable, and what might be considered in order to "do better."


  • Introduction – What is fracturing?
  • Reservoir Engineering Aspects of Fracturing
    • What can fracturing do?
    • What type of fracture do I want?
  • Fracturing
    • Impact of geologic environment
    • Major fracture variables, i.e., can I create the fracture I want?
  • Candidate Selection
    • Combines the above discussion into discrete "Candidate Recognition" examples
  • Fracturing Materials
  • Diagnostics
    • How do I know if I achieved my goal?

Learning Level


Course Length

1 Day

Why Attend

The course will introduce the basic concepts and terminology of hydraulic fracturing, enabling you to intelligently discuss the potential applications to your well. For geologists and geophysicists, it will provide an ability to recognize very early in the evaluation process the potential for fracturing to improve potential target formations, as well as learning what types of formations make the best targets for fracture stimulation.

Who Attends

The course is intended for engineering managers, geologists, geophysicists, reservoir en­gineers desiring general information about the process, and what it can do for them.  It is also intended as a general review for petroleum engineers with knowledge/experience about fracturing, but no current active involvement.

Special Requirements

Laptops are required for this course. The instructor's text, Hydraulic Fracturing, will serve as course material. Electronic PDF of presentation will also be given; participants must have Adobe read/write in order to take notes in electronic files.


0.8 CEUs (Continuing Education Units/8 hours) are awarded for this 1-day course.

Additional Resources

This course has a supplemental book located in our SPE Bookstore entitled Hydraulic Fracturing: Fundamentals and Advancements. Please check out this valuable resource!

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Ahmed Abou-Sayed is President/CEO and Founder of Advantek International, a consulting firm in Texas since 1999. He holds advanced engineering degrees from Egypt, France and the USA, and has over twenty-five years of experience within the petroleum industry covering technology development, management, and technical consultancy. His work has been focused within the areas of fracturing/stimulation, well integrity and stability, sand control, associated stream management, production geomechanics and environmental compliance, produced water management and waterflooding and oil field waste disposal.

Abou-Sayed is specialized in enhanced recovery of unconventional resources and deepwater reservoir exploitation. He is an effective lateral thinker and problem solver with a track record of successfully contributing to increased production and reduced cost through innovative solutions. Initiated, developed and implemented the FRACPACK technology in Alaska (1986), and large scale solids injection,  He was a senior consultant and lead of geomechanics in the Technology Resource group of BP and served with ARCO Technology Group where he was the technical coordinator of the Well Stimulation and fracturing team. Abou-Sayed served as vice president of TerraTek, in Salt Lake City Utah and was a United Nation Consultant for 4 years and served as the US-Japan NSF Exchange Protocol on Geothermal Energy. He has a wide and extensive experience with industrial and hazard waste disposal issues, with a strong knowledge of techno-legal issues related to environmental permitting of subsurface waste disposal and injection. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Society of Petroleum Engineers as well as the American Rock Mechanics Association. He is a Fellow of ARMA.

Abou-Sayed was named the winner of the 2005 Production and Operations Award from SPE International. He received two Chairman Outstanding Achievement Awards in both BPX and ARCO, holds 5 industrial patents, and has authored and co-authored over 110 technical publications and conference papers on reservoir engineering, hydraulic fracturing, well completions, rock mechanics, log interpretation, wellbore stability, produced water management, viscous oil recovery, waste disposal and environmental evaluation and permitting.  He was a distinguished member of the SPE in 2000, was awarded the Rock Mechanics Excellence Award by SPE/ARMA/ISRM in 2002, and has served on the Board of Directors since 2005. Throughout his career he has worked extensively with the Society of Petroleum Engineers where he filled roles as a chairman or member of several steering and implementation committees and was a member of the editorial board of two scientific journals. During 1992-93 he was the SPE Distinguished Lecturer on Advances in hydraulic fracturing applications.

Carl T. Montgomery is a Senior Engineer with NSI Technologies, Inc., a petroleum engineering firm in Tulsa. Carl is one of those unique individuals that bring experience from both the service (17 years) and operator (20 years) perspective.  His extensive domestic and international expertise includes propped and acid fracturing, matrix stimulation, geomechanics and well completions.  He has authored chapters in 5 technical books/monographs and 25 technical papers, while receiving 22 patents and numerous industry awards including the prestigious 2006 SPE Drilling and Completions Engineer of the Year Award.

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