SPE Journal Editorial Board

Executive Editorial Review Board

About the Board

This board oversees the content and direction of SPE Journal, which includes attracting high-quality manuscripts to the journal, and setting the review criteria used to evaluate papers. 

This board comprises the Editor-in-Chief and the Executive Editors for each of SPE Journal’s seven sections. Executive Editors serve three-year terms and oversee the peer-review process for their specific section. The board meets annually in person at ATCE when possible and may hold multiple calls throughout the year to discuss various concerns across all journal sections.

Journal Editorial Review Board

The SPE Journal editorial board is comprised of the Executive Editors and Associate Editors, which is focused exclusively on the peer review process.

Each section in SPE Journal has a flexible number of Associate Editors, who manage the review of papers in their respective areas of expertise. Associate Editors are selected and appointed by the Executive Editors. 

SPE Journal Editorial Board

AE Selection Guidelines for SPE Journal

Associate Editor positions are selected at the discretion of the Executive Editor(s). Associate Editors will serve a one-year probationary term and may be renewed for two additional years by mutual agreement of the Executive Editor and the Associate Editor (an Associate Editor’s term may be extended further by mutual agreement of the Executive Editor and the Associate Editor). Associate Editors who are not meeting quality and timeliness standards for reviews may be removed at any time at the discretion of the Executive Editor.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • 10 years of industry or academic experience
  • At least five published papers in reputable, peer-reviewed journals
  • Current service as a Technical Reviewer for SPE for a minimum of 3 years or completion of 10 reviews with an average R-Score of 4.0 and average turnaround time less than 14 days.
  • Excellent working knowledge of the overall discipline of the journal; recognition as a subject matter expert (as evaluated by the Executive Editor)
  • Outstanding Technical Reviewer Award recipient preferred
  • Time and commitment to support the process (approximately 4–6 hours per week)
  • Current SPE membership required

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Show commitment to processing papers through the peer-review system in a timely and responsive manner
  • Work with Technical Reviewers to provide quality feedback and reviews to authors; includes ensuring reviews contain no more than two reviewer self-citations
  • Prepare recommendations to the Executive Editor of paper suitability for publishing
    • Provide appropriate comments to support recommendations (including recommendations that might contradict recommendations of the Technical Reviewers)
  • Monitor self-selected Technical Reviewers to ensure the quality and timeliness of reviews
  • Assign additional reviewers to replace unresponsive or lagging Technical Reviewers to ensure a prompt review 
  • Solicit and recommend new Technical Reviewers
  • Commit to maintaining the confidentiality standards of the peer-review process
  • Commit to managing average workload of paper assignments: ~20 papers per year