JPT Editorial Committee

About the Committee

Members of the JPT Editorial Committee work with SPE staff to survey the more than 2,800 technical papers submitted to the Society each year to identify innovative, high-interest technical information for publication in JPT. Through shortened versions, or summaries, of papers, the journal covers a broad spectrum of technological advances by featuring the essential information from 10 to 12 papers in each issue.

The committee consists of a chairperson, who serves a 2-year term, and approximately 42 members, who serve 3-year terms. The chairperson is selected from the committee by the outgoing chairperson and JPT staff.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Must be an SPE member
  • Must have excellent working knowledge of the specialty topic and preferably be a recognized industry expert on the topic
  • Must have several years of oil and gas industry experience
  • Must be able to compose an approximately 300-word introduction for the feature accurately describing the state of the technology
  • Should have authored SPE technical papers
  • Preference is given to those who have served on an SPE meeting technical session review committee

Expected Time Commitment

  • There is one face-to-face meeting each year during the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition as well as two teleconferences over the course of each year.
  • Each committee member is responsible for reviewing between 50 and 250 paper abstracts and 10 to 15 full-length papers annually to select three or four papers for JPT
  • Members also prepare an approximately 300-word introduction for the feature accurately describing the state of the technology. This selection and writing process requires several hours spread over an eight-week period, once per year. SPE staff sorts all the papers into appropriate features as they are processed into the SPE paper management system for each conference to assist the reviewer.

Deliverables and Expectation

Editorial Committee members review selected abstracts and/or papers received by SPE and identify high-interest, broad-based, practical papers applicable to planned Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) themes and current issues for consideration for publication in abbreviated form.