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2020 has become a real test for people around the world, affecting all areas of life and work. The coronavirus pandemic has opened the eyes to the harsh truth for many oil and gas companies in the world, exposed the financial fragility of the industry, but also fostered further development and the need to revise its main vector.

The largest oil and gas companies in the world suffered huge losses in the shortest period as the measures to isolate from the coronavirus coincided with an unprecedented drop in demand for hydrocarbons. In the first half of 2020, the oil and gas industry faced three major challenges: a significant drop in prices for hydrocarbons, a drastic contraction in demand for crude oil due to the crisis and quarantine measures around the world, and were forced to quickly rebuild their business processes.



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2020 Conference Technical Authors and Presentations

201930 | Data-Driven Analytics for Early Warnings in Reservoir and Well Performance
Author: R. Canchucaja, Repsol E&P

201959 | Thermo-Tectonic Evolution and Numerical Petroleum System Modeling of One of the Oil Fields on Krasnoleninsky Arch, SW West Siberian Basin
Author: J. Röth, RWTH Aachen University

201979 | 3D Digital Mineral Mechanical Modeling of Complex Reservoirs Rocks for Investigation of Fracture Propagation at Microscale
Author: V. Nachev, MIPT, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, IDG RAS


What Experts Say  

Maxim Koval
Conference Co-Chair



“Despite this, oil and gas continues to play a leading role in the global economy with the geopolitical trends and political factors that directly affect the oil and gas industry. In the face of this difficult situation, industry leaders and experts still strive to meet, communicate and exchange ideas and solutions in this professional field.”




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The SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference annually brings together oil and gas experts and specialists from IOCs and NOCs, including operators and service companies, research institutes and universities, government agencies and professional public organisations.

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You don’t need to travel to commute to the event venue, so take off your mask and take a breath.

A virtual conference can be visited from anywhere in the world. All that is required is an internet connection and a viewing device.

You don’t have to distract yourself from your work. We have streamlined the sessions by topic. You can choose session topics the most relevant to you and add them to your personal schedule. We will remind you about the start of YOUR sessions and you won’t miss them.

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An SPE virtual conference is no different from a personal conference. As an attendee, you will still have access to great technical content via presentations, discussion panels and networking opportunities. You can participate in the roundtables, expert hours, speaker Q&As, special events, and much more. You can chat with other attendees and speakers.

At our virtual event, you will meet highly qualified speakers and top-ranking experts from all over the world, who will share their expertise.




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Did You Know?

According to the 2019 conference survey results, it is a “must-visit” event for specialists who are eager to stay on top of the latest technical papers, trends and innovations


of attendees highly rated the technical content  


of attendees would recommend this conference to their peers

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What Delegates Say  

Nikolay Smirnov



“There is always the need to stay at the peak of technology progress. For the oilfield, it has paramount importance in our days’ transformation. Only this way we develop the right solution and achieve the highest production on a dollar spent.”




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