The drive to scale up hydrogen production is accelerating and with the natural synergy between the use of offshore wind and traditional oil and gas offshore developments, this workshop will explain and identify the merits of hydrogen and how the oil and gas sector can champion this market through technology development and deployment. It will address how oil and gas operators can transition to alternative fuels including blue and green hydrogen in order to meet net zero GHG emissions targets. 

In this workshop, we will explore a combination of CCUS and standard oil and gas competencies including drilling, engineering design and construction of subsea pipelines and associated upstream and downstream infrastructure.


The agenda includes research-based, field-tested industry topics so attendees receive current and relevant technical knowledge.


SPE workshops are highly focused on a given technical topic and provide attendees with an in-depth review in a short amount of time. 


Discover a collaborative learning experience, whilst connecting with peers facing similar business and technology challenges.

Over a series of panel and presented sessions, we will unpick the driving questions behind the offshore hydrogen economy including:

  • The role of hydrogen in the Energy Transition
  • The safety considerations when addressing hydrogen
  • Transportation and storage of hydrogen for industrial use
  • Major projects currently underway in hydrogen production
  • Diversification from the traditional oil and gas industry to hydrogen generation
  • What R&D is being undertaken and which operators are at the centre of this innovation




Senior Executives

Corporate Business Development

Strategy Officers





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