Petroleum reserves and resources evaluations are ever more scrutinised by financiers, investors, stock exchanges, and the market. Whilst investment decisions continue to rely heavily on traditional economic evaluation techniques, these methods however must be viewed in the context of the evolving and uncertain energy landscape. 


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​​This workshop serves as a strategic platform for operators, asset owners, consultants, financial institutions, investors, and regulatory governance within the fields of reserves management and petroleum economics to share industry learnings, challenges, and concerns as the oil and gas industry strives to improve investment decisions in today’s highly uncertain markets and evolving energy mix.



Andrew Botterill
Partner, Canadian National O&G Leader



IMPROVE knowledge and understanding of reserve and resource estimates, petroleum economics, and industry challenges

SHARE experiences and viewpoints in reporting and estimating reserves and resources, the use of 2018 PRMS, alternative systems, and deep dive into best practices in petroleum economics

CLARIFY questions and uncertainties in reserve and resource evaluation and petroleum economics

NETWORK with peers and experts in these fields



Professionals in:

Reserves Estimation and Petroleum Economics (Operators, Asset Owners, Consulting Companies)

Asset Management

Business Analytics, Digital Technology and Applications

Corporate Planning

Resources Analysis and Evaluations

Portfolio Management

Field Development Planning (FDP)

Geological and Geophysical (G&G)

Petroleum Engineering

Reserves Management

Reservoir Engineering



Production and Operations

Project Management

Marketing and sales

Surface and Subsurface Engineering

Reserves Investment and Petroleum Economics


Private Equity Investment


Commercial Development Investment

Corporate strategy

Reserves and Petroleum Economic Governance

Executive Boards

Governmental Bodies – Treasury

Industry Regulators

Reserves and Resources Regulators

Security Commission

Stock Exchanges

Competition Regulators

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