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This workshop will include presentations, case studies, research, and discussions about well integrity challenges and the technological advancements in material and process to construct, operate, monitor and abandon wells to have "leak-free" wells.

Well integrity problems are commonly faced worldwide. 45% in the Gulf of Mexico, 34% in the North Sea UK, and 18% of the wells in North Sea Norway respectively are suffering from all sorts of well integrity failures.

In the Middle East, more than half of all wells have integrity issues with 10–15% of these being critical. The increase in extended reach as well as HP/HT wells, shale formations, corrosion, scale, and sour service fields in the Middle East, are increasing the risks of well integrity failure. 






As per the new regulations valid from 14th of June, vaccinated UAE residents attendees must present Al Hosn App Green Pass and Vaccinated International attendees must present their Vaccination Cards along with 1-negative PCR test result (taken within 14 days of the date of the event). The validity of the PCR test has been reduced from 30 days to 14 days to ensure the accuracy of the early detection process and encourage periodic examinations. 

Non-vaccinated UAE residents must present a Negative Test Result within 48 hours of the day of the event. Your PCR test is only valid for 48 hours.

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The workshop will address the following aspects of well integrity:

  • To assure containment and integrity in new wells, whether these are hydrocarbon production, water injection, gas storage, water and gas. Starting with a robust well design and throughout the well's lifecycle until permanent plug and abandonment.
  • Address well planning practice, completion design, drilling practice, production practice, intervention practice
  • Remedy for existing well Integrity challenges, due to defects within containment of the well envelop, indicating that the seal or zonal isolation is not fully effective. 

Looking After Your Safety

“Well integrity is a multi-disciplinary approach that needs not only technologies and skills but also organisational alignments. When I decided to organise this workshop, I decided to have a full representation of these disciplines including regulators, industry experts and passionate people so we can collectively make the difference. I am looking forward to YOUR attendance and contribution!”

Salim Taoutaou, Workshop Co-Chair