For an unconventional project to meet its economic objectives, operators must optimize all phases of the project’s life cycle, including well design, reservoir recovery, and project abandonment. Primary cementing has a major impact on all of these phases and ultimately affects project economics.

This workshop will provide an excellent opportunity to share and discuss the challenges of unconventional wells, specifically the impact of cementing practices on meeting project objectives.

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Sessions will cover a broad scope of unconventional cementing challenges from the initial job and slurry design through to final well abandonment.

Topics include cement placement in horizontal sections, cement and casing integrity, mitigating sustained casing pressure, factory mode cementing, cementing hardware, and cement job evaluation.

The Cementing in an Unconventional World workshop is intended to foster interactive discussion on challenges, practices, successes, failures, and future opportunities for process improvement.


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Factory mode cementing

Achieving zonal isolation

Mitigating sustained casing pressure

Cost of failure

Optimal slurry designs

Achieving effective cement placement

Evaluation of zone isolation

Alternative cementing techniques

Permanent abandonment




Cementing service professionals

Modeling software developers



Young engineers


Anyone interested in the integrity of unconventional wells



Take part in informative industry-shaping discussions

Learn and share best practices

Stay informed about the unique and evolving challenges and potential solutions associated with cementing unconventional wells

Experience unparalleled networking opportunities with other industry experts

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