About the Workshop

In the past decade, the Asia Pacific region has been focusing on building a world-leading oil and gas industry with multiple modern, technologically advanced upstream and LNG operations. The existence of the oil and gas industry is critical for human survival and focusing on just new or green energy, may neither be practical or sufficient. Nonetheless, we know for a fact that if we do not discuss this today we may not be able to have a safe place for the next generation to live, therefore we must keep this topic as a priority for the energy industry, by investing in education, cultural change, governmental policy, and academic research to achieve practical solutions to attain total emissions reduction.

This workshop will focus on identifying current industry challenges as well as share best practices and case studies with applied technologies around net-zero emission solutions. The workshop will also discuss new energy, energy transition, and optimising energy production through alternative energy such as natural gas, renewables, hydrogen as well as assessing its economic viability. Topics to be discussed will revolve around but are not limited to the following areas:  

  • Regulation, policy, legal and social framework of net-zero initiatives
  • Embedment of risk and resilience in net-zero strategy
  • GHG Management across Scope 1 and 2 Emissions (Direct/Indirect)
  • Business and commercial perspectives of ESG initiatives
  • Low emissions power generation through alternative and renewable energy
  • Technology and innovations

Workshop Objectives

The workshop will address the various industry challenges around net-zero emissions goal starting from infrastructure up to out-of-the-box approaches, solutions, and innovations to be introduced by technical leaders from the oil, gas and energy industries.

Join the Virtual Workshop at Your Local Time

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Doha / Kuwait City / Manama / Riyadh
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🕥 10:30 New Delhi
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🕛 12:00 Bangkok / Hanoi / Jakarta
🕐 13:00 Bandar Seri Begawan / Beijing / Kuala Lumpur / Perth / Singapore
🕑 14:00 Tokyo / Seoul
🕒 15:00 Brisbane
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