With the global concern on climate change and increasing GHG emissions, achieving net-zero emissions goal and energy transition are gaining greater momentum and prominence across the energy playing field. In support of this movement, we would like to call all industry leaders and innovators together to discuss advanced technologies and share unconventional ideas on how the oil and gas industry can develop concrete strategies and technology roadmap to bring positive impacts towards this goal.  


The oil and gas industry is said to remain as the main energy producer in the next 50 years but the industry needs to have a wider vision on how to optimise this, either by integrating with new energy or elevating the consumption with better-engineered solutions to achieve net-zero emissions goal. 



💬 Share viewpoints, best practices and case studies with applied technologies around net-zero emission solutions

⚡ Optimise production and economic values with low emissions power generation through alternative and renewable energy

🟢 Explore the latest advancement in green technologies towards decarbonisation and sustainable development

📲 Network with peers and experts in the oil, gas and energy fields



Professionals in:

Academia and Research

Asset Management

Carbon Abatement Technologies

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)

Emissions Reduction and Management

Energy Consulting

Energy Research and Development

Energy Storage


External Affairs - Government Reporting

Financial/Banking Institutions and Project Investments

Governmental Departments/Agencies, Regulators

Green/Renewable Technology

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

Regulatory Reporting

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

Social Performance

 Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

Corporate Governance

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

Carbon Offset 

Hydrogen Development

IT and Data Analytics

Media and Communications

New Energy

Operations Management

Portfolio Management and Strategy

Production and Process Management

Project Delivery

Purchasing and Procurement

Quality Assurance

Risk Management



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