In light of the current situation, the industry is being pushed to further develop advanced IOR/EOR techniques and overcome external and internal challenges in IOR/EOR applications. These include complexities of reservoirs, the process itself, high capital investment and operating cost, and lengthy project timeline. In addition, as the industry moves towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions while meeting global energy demands, Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) projects such as CO2 injection for EOR plays an important role to support the environment and adhere to much needed zero carbon emissions.




This workshop provides opportunities for sharing and discussing views, experiences, success stories and advances in IOR/EOR. The aim is to enable industry players to collectively examine new technologies and methods, lessons learnt and mitigated IOR/EOR practises during this energy transition phase.





Chen Kah Seong
Vice President (Centre of Excellence)
Upstream Business




💬 Share viewpoints, best practices and case studies in IOR and EOR

📲 Network with peers and experts in the oil, gas and energy fields

🗣️ Discuss challenges faced and their solutions in executing IOR/EOR under current and future circumstances

🧭 Explore emerging technologies and methods in creating additional value in improving recovery from existing assets



Professionals in:

Academia and Research

Asset Management


EOR Research and Development

EOR Technology/Solutions

Field Development Planning 


Production Chemistry

Production Engineering

Production Surveillance

Production Technology

Project Management

Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Management

Oil and Gas Authority/Regulators