Section, Student Chapter, and Council Liability and Alcohol Guidelines

SPE International (SPEI) carries global liability insurance. This coverage extends to all SPE Sections, Student Chapters, and Councils and includes protection for any past, present, or future director, officer, employee, volunteer, or committee against allegations of mismanagement. SPE membership is not a requirement for coverage; for example, nonmembers volunteering on an SPEI program committee are still covered for activities related directly to SPE.

The global policy also protects SPEI and its entities in the event of a bodily injury or property damage claim in conjunction with normal SPE activities.

Additional Insurance Required

For special events, such as sporting events and field trips, additional coverage is needed and can be extended by advanced request via email to or Any additional premiums required must be incurred by the section, student chapter, or council. Depending on the size of the event being planned, sections, student chapters, and councils might also consider carrying Event Cancellation Insurance. This will cover losses the section, student chapter, or council could incur in the rare case that a natural disaster prevents the event from occurring. Please contact SPEI to discuss this further with our insurance provider.

Liability With Regards to Alcohol

Although SPEI does not encourage dispensing alcoholic beverages at official SPE functions, we do recommend the section, student chapter, or council take certain precautions if alcohol is made available. Alcoholic beverages should never be distributed or sold by SPE members, officers, or sponsors. Alcohol should only be served or sold via a licensed distributor or facility. The section, student chapter, or council should obtain a copy of the distributor’s or facility’s liquor liability insurance and request that the insured entity name SPEI as an additional insurer or indemnify SPEI from liability. SPEI further recommends that complimentary drinks be limited to two per person, done so via the use of tickets, and safe transportation be made available.