Establish a Student Chapter

Students at a university offering a four-year degree related to the oil and gas industry may petition to form an official SPE student chapter. If the university does not have a four-year program, contact Please follow the process below to complete the necessary petition before submitting to SPE.

To begin the process of forming a chapter:



  1. Determine if there are at least 15 students at the university who want to be SPE members and graduate at least 12 months after the establishment date.
  2. Ask for a letter of support on university letterhead from the department head.
  3. Ask a faculty member to serve as your advisor, and ensure they review the Faculty Advisor Roles and Responsibilities.
  4. Find the section closest to the university and request a letter of support.
  5. Call a meeting of the interested students and elect officers.
  6. Submit the following to

Upon approval, a new chapter will receive the following items:

  • Chapter charter
  • Chapter logos
  • Stationary template