Establish a Student Chapter

Students at a university offering a three-year degree related to the upstream oil and gas industry may petition to form an official SPE student chapter. Two-year degree programs must be specific to petroleum engineering. Establishments will be reviewed three times per year. Please follow the process below to complete the necessary petition before submitting to SPE.

To begin the process of forming a chapter:



  1. Determine if there are at least 25 students at the university who want to be SPE members, with the majority graduating at least six months after the establishment date.
  2. Ask for a letter of support on university letterhead from the department head.
  3. Ask a faculty member to serve as your advisor, and ensure they review the Faculty Advisor Roles and Responsibilities.
  4. Find the section closest to the university and request a letter of support.
  5. Call a meeting of the interested students and elect officers.
  6. Submit the following to by the 15th day of February, June or October:
    • Letter of support from your university department head indicating name of program and courses/modules
    • Letter of support from your local section
    • Completed Broadcast Email Request Form (Word doc)
    • Completed Petition Form
    • Bylaws and operating guidelines in English

Upon approval, a new chapter will receive the following items:

  • Chapter charter
  • Chapter logos
  • Stationary template