eMentoring Program

eMentoring benefits everyone. It gives our members a way to contribute to the E&P industry by sharing their professional insight and practical career advice with young professionals and helping university students with academic direction. Young professionals have a unique opportunity to be mentored or to serve as mentors to students.



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About eMentoring

  • The eMentoring program is a distance mentoring program, which allows participants to communicate at their convenience and across time zones.
  • In order to participate in the program, applicants must register to be a mentor or mentee and this profile will be tied to your SPE member profile. To update your member information, log in to your SPE Member Profile.
  • Once matched, the eMentoring relationship will last one year. After the relationship has ended, the mentee may select another mentor or they may continue the relationship with their current mentor by requesting a one-year extension at ementor@spe.org.

How matches are made

Both mentors and mentees create profiles that are then used for matching participants. Registered mentees can search mentor profiles using a variety of criteria, such as area of expertise and type of company. The match is then made based on the mentee's 3 choices.

If the selected mentors have already reached their limit of mentees or are not an appropriate match, the mentee will be matched with a mentor that closely meets his or her preferences. Once matched, the mentor and mentee will receive an email with each other's contact information.

How the relationship works

As the mentor, we ask you to initiate the relationship through an introductory email with information such as your:

  • Education
  • Career path
  • Present role within the industry
  • Expectations for the relationship

Participants should establish how often to communicate as part of their introductory emails. Some successful relationships thrive on monthly communication, while others simply need weekly updates. Along with introductory emails, you could also exchange resumes to become more familiar with each other. It is up to the participants if they would like to exchange phone numbers or use other forms of communication, such as Skype.

You should also establish common expectations:

To be expected

NOT to be expected

  • Guidance
  • Perspectives
  • Advice
  • Industry insight
  • Solutions to problems
  • Financial support
  • Completion of projects or class work
  • Job offers

Remember that building an effective relationship will take time, so be patient and get to know each other.

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Young professional mentees should ideally have been in the E&P industry for 5 years or less, and can expect to receive career path guidance, insight on specialized fields or technical disciplines, and perspective on day-to-day issues.

University student mentees will receive guidance on academic direction or career choices and advice on making the transition to a working professional.

All mentees should be prepared to ask questions about topics of interest, be willing to listen to their mentor's suggestions and be respectful of their mentor's time.

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To be a mentor, you should be an experienced or young professional who wants to invest in the future of the E&P industry's talent.

You must be willing to communicate with your mentee on a regular basis and can play a pivotal role in the career of young professionals or university students. You have the opportunity to assist in the growth of the industry, develop problem solving and listening skills, and share knowledge and experiences.

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