FAQs: Use of SPE Name and Logo

What is the SPE logo? Is there a difference between the SPE logo and an SPE section or student chapter logo?

The SPE logo is:

Special Note: SPE provides sections and student chapters a logo with their name under the SPE globes, as shown in the Graphic Standards, to clarify their management of certain activities. Putting a section/chapter name below the SPE logo does not make it a new logo—it is still the SPE logo

Why do we need a policy on the SPE name and logo? Isn’t publicity good for SPE?

No, not all publicity is good. For example, SPE’s name/logo on activities where it has no real role in development and execution can result in the wrong impressions about SPE.

The aim of this policy is to safeguard the strong brand image and reputation that SPE has built over time. SPE’s endorsement and participation in industry events are highly valued.

Particularly in the area of meetings, commercial organizers have become very aggressive in seeking ways to promote their events through SPE connections. In many cases, members’ well-intentioned support of commercial events is a detriment to SPE. While SPE would not and should not proscribe the individual member’s right to participate in non-SPE events, the Society should provide very clear direction on members’ and sections’ use of the SPE name and logo in connection with non-SPE events.

Does this policy mean that members have to get Board approval every time they want to use the SPE name/logo?

No. In fact, we want members to use the SPE name and logo in their official SPE activities and communications. “Official” activities include all regular section/chapter activities, including recurring joint meetings with the local sections/chapters of other associations, social events (like golf tournaments), and promotional items (like shirts).

When do members need to get Board approval to use the SPE name/logo?

Board approval is required for the use of the SPE name or logo as a sponsor, cosponsor, endorser, or supporter of any event not organized by SPE. The SPE Meetings Policy has helpful information about approvals.

Similarly, Board approval is required to lend SPE’s name or logo to print or electronic publications produced by any organization other than SPE. SPE’s Guidelines for Section Websites provide clear parameters for using the SPE name and logo.

What are the permissible uses of our logo by SPE sections and chapters for events?

Sections, regional councils, and student chapters may use the name and logo for promoting and communicating all official SPE business. For all activities described below, use the SPE logo and incorporate the section/chapter name centered below the logo. Be certain to follow the font specifications in the SPE Graphic Standards.

  • Section and student chapter monthly meetings, including joint section meetings with other nonprofit societies.
  • Golf tournaments and social events sponsored by the sections or chapters, including those cosponsored with other non-profit societies.
  • Local or regional workshops and conferences sponsored by the section or cosponsored with another non-profit society (but not a commercial entity).
  • Community outreach activities, career fairs, or similar educational events or activities sponsored by the sections or chapters.

What are the guidelines for sections and chapters using the logo on promotional items?

Promotional items (e.g. t-shirts, golf towels, mugs, pens) may use the SPE logo only. The section name is not required, but may be used.

What are the permissible uses of our logo by SPE sections and chapters in publications?

Brochures, publications, signage or banners, flyers, and newsletters that describe and promote section and chapter activities and events (see list above) are considered official business. Use the SPE logo with the section/chapter name centered below the logo for all these purposes. Including the section/chapter name on newsletters and websites is particularly important to distinguishing them from SPE.org and from SPE’s publications. For section newsletters (electronic or print), a section officer must be listed as the publisher. Some sections contract with outside firms to produce the newsletters, but the contractor cannot be listed as the publisher.

What are the permissible uses of our logo by SPE sections and chapters on their SPE websites?

Use the SPE logo with the section or chapter name on the home page. Sections/chapters whose websites are not hosted by SPE will need to review the use of the SPE logo on their site and make any necessary changes to bring their site into compliance. A special section of the SPE Graphic Standards addresses use of the logo on websites.

Why do we have Graphic Standards Guidelines for the logo? We want to create a unique look for our section and for special events.

Our goal is to create a consistent look for our logo that will enhance and project a long-term visual identity for SPE. The way we present our logo has a powerful impact on how we are viewed by our members and the public. We have specific guidelines that govern the colors you may use for the logo, types of backgrounds, and the prominence given the logo. The guidelines provide you with flexibility to design a print or web publication that is unique to your program, department, or section, yet is readily identifiable as a part of the SPE family.

Basic principles to remember:  

  • Use the current logo, without modifications of any sort—you may not add graphic elements or take away any element from the official logo
  • Use the logo in the official SPE blue (PMS 293) or black only. On dark backgrounds, you can reverse the logo so that it is white with blue lettering or white with black lettering. All other colors are prohibited for the logo.
  • Size the logo to be readable and prominent, and provide sufficient open space around the logo so that it does not butt into other type or graphic elements. By prominence, we mean the logo should appear on the front page of a newsletter and at the top of a web page.
  • Do not place the logo on distracting backgrounds. A muted background pattern may be used if it does not distract from the logo. The key is that the logo is easy to read and stands out.

A firm that provides employment services to the industry has asked to put a link to our section website in a business directory on the firm’s internet site. Can the firm use our logo on the website?

The firm may use the logo as a hyperlink to our website only in a clearly marked directory or links section. Any other placement of our logo, especially on the home page or other prominent position, would make it appear that SPE has endorsed the firm’s services or products. Please see our Links Policy for further information.

Some members of our section are serving on the program committee for a conference in our region that is sponsored by a commercial meeting organizer. They want to use the SPE name or logo by our committee members’ names in the conference program. Is this permitted?

No, it is not permitted. Only individuals who are officially representing SPE—for example, the SPE president taking part in an activity as the SPE president—may do so. Your section members are providing their personal expertise to the conference, not SPE’s.

I have been contacted by another society about sponsoring an industry golf tournament that invites participants from outside our section. Can we use the SPE logo in this instance?

Yes. Use the SPE logo with your section name.

An industry trade magazine in this region lists SPE events each month. Can the magazine use our logo on the page where our activities are listed?

SPE appreciates the coverage of events and activities by publications. However, we do not permit the use of our logo by the magazine in this instance because it implies an endorsement of the publication.

Where can I obtain a copy of the logo?

For sections and student chapters:
An official logo and stationery template are provided in the library folder of the Officer Community of SPE Connect. You must be an officer of the section/chapter to access the resources.

Section Officers: Access your logo here »
Chapter Officers: Access your logo here »
Technical Section Officers: Contact technicalsections@spe.org

For all other logo requests:
Contact the SPE Global Marketing Department in the Richardson, Texas, USA office to request a logo.