Members in Transition Toolkit

Through every industry cycle, SPE is steady and supportive.
This toolkit provides information, resources, and programs to assist you during the current downturn.


SPE Provides Support During Industry Downturn

CEO and Executive Vice President Mark Rubin highlights how SPE is helping members. Watch his video message to members.



Thrive in a Downturn

These extraordinary times have already shown us how we, as members of the industry and citizens of the world, are resilient and flexible in the face of uncertainty. 

Access SPE Community Resources

Industry professionals from around the globe can connect with their communities, share industry knowledge, and network in the Members in Transition group during a downturn. Login to SPE Connect

Industry Job Board

SPE's job board allows members to view available career opportunities posted by companies in the industry, upload your resume, and get notified when jobs matching your criteria are posted.

Industry Veterans Give Insight

Experts C. Susan Howes and the late J. Roger Hite share their insights as veterans of the industry to guide members through a downturn. Read the Full Article

Preparing for and Handling Downturns

It's no secret that the oil and gas industry has its ups and downs. So what can engineers do to prepare for and weather the downturns? SPE Member Sid Banerjee, an Application Engineer, gives his recommendations. Watch the Video

Benefits for Members in Transition

Take advantage of SPE benefits offered to members who are in the midst of a career transition.

Dues Waiver

SPE offers a dues waiver for renewing members who have lost their jobs due to the industry downturn and other circumstances. To qualify, submit a written request by email or postal mail. Contact Customer Service with any questions.

SPE Insurance Program

SPE offers a unique group insurance program designed to meet the unique needs of petroleum engineering professionals. Health, life, auto, and homeowner insurance programs are available. The programs offer a broad range of reliable and affordable plans that can stay with you even if you change jobs.

Exclusive OnePetro Discount

SPE knows the importance of having affordable access to resources such as OnePetro, especially during employment shifts. Members with a SPE dues waiver for the current year are eligible for a deeply discounted subscription rate on several OnePetro paper packages. 

Stay Motivated

While it's difficult to deal with a job loss, it's important to stay positive and motivated as you navigate your job search. Topics to explore:

  • What to Do Right Away
  • Think About What's Next
  • Develop a Support Network
  • Overcome the Challenges of Job Searching

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SPE Online Education

With webinars, online training courses, and educational videos, SPE Online Education offers plenty of opportunities for career growth, even during a downturn. Join our industry experts as they explore solutions to real problems and discuss trending topics.

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SPE Competency Management Tool - Assess Readiness for a New Role

The SPE Competency Management Tool is a free online member benefit that allows you to assess your current professional capabilities against one of 41 key E&P job models.