Stay Motivated

Dealing with a job loss can be an emotional and difficult task, but it's important to stay positive and motivated as you determine your next steps. Below are some suggestions to better help you navigate your job search.

What To Do Right Away

Think About What's Next

Sometimes the answer is another job similar to the one you lost; sometimes it is about moving into a different type of role. Embrace the opportunity to think through your options and build your strategy from there.

Man speaking to others around a table

In addition to family and friends, it can be useful to find others in similar situations who can provide support, share leads, strategies for staying positive, help you hone your elevator pitch, and more.  

Overcoming the Challenges of Job Searching

Regardless of where you are professionally, whether you are a senior executive, a technology expert, or a college graduate seeking your first professional job, being unemployed is stressful. Acknowledge that, and adopt sound strategies to overcome the challenges.