Student Chapter Awards and Recognition

Student chapter awards and recognition recognize those that go above and beyond to fulfill SPE’s mission by serving local members. The awards honor exemplary efforts in the categories of technical dissemination, professional development, engaging, retaining, and growing membership, community involvement, and operations and planning.


2023 Presidential Award Graphic


Presidential Award for Outstanding Student Chapter

The Presidential Award for Outstanding Student Chapter recognizes up-to-the top 10 percent of eligible applications received, per award category, per size range. The awards are presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.

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Application Process

Award applications are separate from the annual report – but share the same 1 April deadline. Only one (1) application form, in one of the categories below, is permitted per student chapter.


  • Technical Dissemination – technical activities such as field trips, research programs, symposiums, technical presentations, and training courses
  • Professional Development – professional activities such as career events, networking, mentor programs, and soft skills training
  • Engaging, Retaining, and Growing Membership - member programs such as awards, alumni engagement, new member welcome, and volunteer recognition; methods for growth retention, and student-to-professional conversion; programs made exclusive to members only
  • Community Involvement – community activities such as youth and teacher education and community service
  • Operations and Planning – goals, use of committees, succession plan, and communications


Eligibility and Judging

Only student chapters meeting maintenance criteria as of the 1 April annual report deadline are eligible for awards. Those not meeting maintenance criteria as of 1 April, or on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), are not eligible for awards.

The awards program recognizes up-to-the top 10 percent of applications received, per award category, in the size ranges below. The ranges are set and will not change each year. Size groups are not equally divided.


Size Label
Range of Members
(based on year-end)


25 - 50


51 - 100


101 - 300


301 - 500


501 - 1,000



Recipients are selected through two rounds of review. In the first round, a group of volunteer judges, nominated by the Regional Directors, review and rank the groups in their judging categories. The highest ranked groups advance to the final round. In the final round, a workgroup reporting to the membership standing committee review and rank the groups in their judging categories and select the recipients.


Regional Student Chapter Recognition

This program aims to spotlight those doing excellent work within their SPE regions but not achieving a global Presidential Award. The program recognizes those that are innovative, have a particularly noteworthy program, or are making great progress. 

Regional Directors establish the selection process for their respective region(s). The regional winners should not exceed 25% of all student chapters not achieving a global award that year. A certificate is emailed to all recognized student chapters.