Policy to Establish and Maintain an SPE Student Chapter

Local student chapters exist within SPE in order to provide a framework for SPE activities within set boundaries.


The following requirements must be met and submitted to SPE International by the 15th day of February, June or October.

  1. Membership

    • Student chapters must have a minimum of 25 student members enrolled in the university with at least 25 students not graduating within one year of establishment.
  2. Jurisdiction

    • Student chapters must be named for and located at a single university.
    • Student chapters must be at a university that offers a three-year degree program related to the upstream oil and gas industry or a two-year degree specifically in petroleum engineering. It is further required that at least one class of students has graduated from the indicated course of study, and at least 25 students are enrolled in the degree program that meets the criteria.
  3. Officers and Governance

    • All core officer positions are required: President, Vice President, Membership Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers listed on the petition must be enrolled in the primary degree program and should not be graduating within 12 months of the date of establishment. 
    • Student chapters must have the support, confirmed on the petition form, of a university faculty member who is a professional member of SPE and is willing to serve as an advisor to the student chapter.
    • Student chapters must receive support from a compliant SPE section. The section chair and student chapter liaison must be professional members, confirmed on the petition form.
    • Student chapters must agree with operating regulations as provided by SPEI. If alternative versions of operating regulations are preferred, these should be submitted in advance to SPEI for approval.

Review and approval of petitions will be completed three times a year at the end of February, June and October. Upon approval, SPE will issue official charters and logos.

Maintaining an SPE Student Chapter

Just as student chapters must meet certain requirements to establish, it is expected they meet certain requirements to maintain their status. They must meet the below requirements by 1 December.

Low-performing student chapters will be considered "at risk" and may be subject to disestablishment. Student chapters considered to be "at risk" will be notified after regional SPE staff have reviewed their annual reports. Student chapters will be provided with resources to rectify their situation and should work closely with the sponsoring section to improve. If unable to do so, student chapters may be placed on a Performance Improvement Plan, or PIP for the upcoming year—or disestablished at the discretion of the Regional Director and SPE staff. If improvements have not been made by 1 December of the next year, student chapters on a PIP will be up for disestablishment.

  1. Membership

    • Student chapters must have 25 student members.
  2. Officers and Governance

    • Student chapters must have at least three executive officers in good standing on file. Executive officers are President, Vice President, Membership Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.
    • Student chapters must have a faculty advisor, who is a professional SPE member, on file. Faculty advisors must renew their membership early. The deadline for faculty advisor dues renewals is 1 December.
    • Student chapters must submit annual reporting and financial information.
    • Student chapters must agree with operating regulations as provided by SPEI. If alternative versions of operating regulations are already in use, these should have been submitted to SPEI for approval.
    • Student chapters must comply with SPE policies.

In addition to needing to meet the above outlined requirements, student chapters’ performance will be assessed based on the following metrics:

  • New student retention
  • Overall student retention
  • Student to professional member conversion
  • Growth rate
  • Adherence to SPEI policies
  • Engagement with SPEI programs
  • Programs and services offered to members
  • Use of SPEI tools and resources.

At any time, SPE may decide to disestablish student chapters. There may also be times when the leaders of a student chapter find it necessary to cease operations.

If disestablishment is initiated by the student chapter, at least two-thirds of the current officers must agree. If no current officers are on file, confirmation by the faculty advisor will be deemed appropriate. The student chapter must also confirm that all members have been notified regarding the decision in accordance with the procedures indicated in the operating regulations. At the time of dissolution, all funds will be redirected to SPE.

Once disestablished, a student chapter may not establish again for a minimum of 12 months. Student chapters requesting to re-establish should submit a plan for improvement to outline any actions undertaken or due to be undertaken to reduce the risk of future disestablishment.