Distinguished Lecturers

Each year, SPE selects a group of professionals, nominated by their peers, to share their knowledge and expertise with SPE members around the globe.

About the Program

lecture in progress The Distinguished Lecturer Program is one of SPE’s most popular programs. Each season 30 to 35 experts from the oil and gas industry are selected to share their knowledge on the latest technologies and trends with SPE members. Established in 1961 with just three lecturers, the esteemed program now sends Distinguished Lecturers to SPE sections three times a year to give a total of more than 550 lectures all over the world. 

The purpose of the program is to provide SPE sections with outstanding speakers for section meetings, and to recognize the professional contributions of the selected Distinguished Lecturers. The program promotes SPE’s mission to collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge. It is funded primarily by the SPE Foundation through member donations, as well as a contribution from Offshore Europe. SPE appreciates the companies that allow their professionals to serve as lecturers and the additional support from AIME.

Download a historical list of all of our Distinguished Lecturers. (xls)

What It Is Like to be an SPE Distinguished Lecturer

Are you interested in becoming an SPE Distinguished Lecturer? Charles Pope shares tips on the nomination process and other stories from his travels.


Section Distinguished Lecturer Evaluation Contest

Attend a section meeting featuring a Distinguished Lecturer. Listen, engage and evaluate the DL's presentation. Section members can submit evaluations for every Distinguished Lecturer meeting.

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Nominate a Lecturer

Distinguished Lecturers are nominated by their peers and selected by the Distinguished Lecturer Committee based on the quality, timeliness, and relevance of their presentations. We solicit nominations from around the world to cover all disciplines.

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committee group Distinguished Lecturer Committee

Each year, the Distinguished Lecturer Committee selects topics and lecturers for the program. The committee is composed of up to 36 members, with one Regional Member from each region serving a three-year term, and Standing Members appointed by the SPE President-elect serving a maximum term of three years.

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Memorable Moments

Distinguished Lecturers share their stories


" I think there was a moment that was even magical about my DL."

Maria Angela Capello

SPE Distinguished Lecturer2018



" Really, you feel humbled."

Muhammad Khakwani

SPE Distinguished Lecturer 2018