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Distinguished Lecturer Committee

About the Committee

Each year, the committee selects topics and lecturers for the Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Program as well as working with the DLs throughout their tenure in the program. The committee comprises up to 42 members, including one regional member from each of SPE’s governance regions. The committee structure is past chair (ex-officio), chair, vice chair and three subcommittees, with a focus on webinars, company outreach, and nominations..

Qualifications and Experience

  • Strong desire to see our members grow through the dissemination of technical knowledge by fostering outstanding DL presentations
  • Prefer past involvement as Distinguished Lecturer or experience as a section officer
  • SPE professional membership

Expected Time Commitment

  • Attend at least one of three meetings per year in person (self-pay) (i.e., one in May, one around Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition and one in the opposite hemisphere from ATCE)
  • Including attendance at meetings, consult with lecturers on a regular basis for approximately two weeks per year
  • Participate in on-line judging to review presentations.  Judging involves two rounds from April – August each year and requires extensive time commitment

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Solicit Distinguished Lecturer (DL) nominations to be considered by the Committee and are asked to nominate at least two persons/season 
  • Select potential lecturers based on their qualifications and quality of their PowerPoint presentation in order for them to move forward to a live audition before members of the committee
  • Actively participate in all rounds of judging in order to select lecturers
  • Serve as the point of contact for one to three potential lecturers in preparation for the live audition
  • Review and communicate lecturer evaluations with lecturers as needed throughout their tenure to ensure highest quality of presentations and member experience
  • Attend and participate in selecting approximately 30 Distinguished Lecturers at one or both of the in-person presentation review meetings
    • Please note committee members can attend the May selection meeting by teleconference, though in person attendance is preferred. No other committee meetings are by teleconference
  • Attend at least one of three meetings per year
    • Please note, expenses for travel, meals, accommodations, etc. will not be reimbursed by SPE.