Message from SPE Regional Director Europe

November 2021

Image of Laura Precupanu

I hope you are well. In October, we had the first SPE Europe Gaia Talk and I am thrilled that 75+ participants attended. The topic was Sustainable Solutions from the Oil & Gas Industry with focus on Methane Management. You can access the recording of the event here.

We further saw the return of face-to-face events around Europe. One of the most notable being the COP26 conference in Glasgow. Major power countries and oil companies from around the world took on new challenges and outlined plans and strategies to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050. There is a drive to deliver the energy transition and our industry is definitely part of the solution, despite the prices increasing. We therefore need to work together to deliver on a number of fronts - Carbon Capture and Storage, Hydrogen and Renewables all have a part to play. To deliver towards a sustainable solution, we are working to partner with the big CO2 emitters.

This goes to show how adaptable and resilient our industry is. As our union goes, it is time to renew our SPE memberships. We have already shared that being a SPE member comes with multiple advantages, but I would like to highlight again some key benefits:

  • Working with our stakeholders on Energy Transition.
  • Delivering high class courses and workshops to develop skills and share expertise.
  • Developing platforms for networking and sharing best practices.
  • Career advancement and volunteering opportunities for you to build industry relationships.
  • The chance to make the most of the membership with your local section or chapter.
  • Online education, with SPE webinars free to members and live presentations, on-demand online training courses, and videos.
  • Technical resources: technical disciplines, technical communities, technical sections, event program committees, Distinguished Lecturer Program.
  • Access to papers at reduced prices on OnePetro.
  • Discount on all titles on the SPE Bookstore, including e-books. Members also receive a complimentary subscription to SPE's flagship magazine, the Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT), and the JPT e-newsletter, as well as discounts on subscriptions to peer-reviewed SPE technical journals.
  • SPE Connect, the platform where SPE members can virtually communicate, exchange knowledge, and collaborate with other members from around the world.

Additionally, SPE set up the Dues Waiver to assist those in the industry who may have been laid off or furloughed due to the current pandemic. These members can use the network to identify new job opportunities. We all have a part to play, especially with the new graduates and younger professionals, who may have experienced a down cycle for the first time.

Please renew your membership, and I dare to challenge you again. Talk about why SPE is an integral part of our development. Explain it to at least one colleague who is not yet an SPE member. It is important to grow our society, to keep up with our business stepping up to some of the world’s largest challenges – saving the planet. Billions of dollars will be invested into new projects and thousands of our professionals will need to deliver them.

Thanks for being members and reading this piece. I look forward to seeing you all at the next important conference of the region, SPE East European Subsurface Conference in Kiev, Ukraine, 23-24 November 2021.

Best regards,

Laura Precupanu
SPE Regional Director Europe
Senior Expert Stimulation Engineering, OMV Petrom