Message from North Sea and South, Central, and East Europe Director

January 2020

Jean-Marc Dumas
SPE North Sea and South, Central and Eastern Europe Regional Director

Dear Colleague,

Well, it’s January and I don’t normally like making New Year’s resolutions, but for 2020, I’m very resolute as SPE renews our commitment to bring a global perspective on our industry and attract more young people into the O&G world. The start of a new year is always a good time for reflection and I would like first to share with you how thankful I am to be an SPE member and a very engaged volunteer.

SPE and our industry as a whole are facing a major challenge, which is to meet generational expectations, not only for young people but across the full age spectrum. In-depth reflection has been carried out in recent years to adapt the offer of the SPE, keeping SPE the most credible and trustworthy scientific source for the O&G upstream segment. The SPE strategic plan was revised in 2018 to take into account recent developments and specific aspects of the evolving ecosystem.

Besides, to strengthen the core of SPE, substantive work is underway between the Board, the staff and the Standing Committees under the leadership of the current President, Shauna Noonan. More than ever, all of the stakeholders in our organisation are committed to supporting the profession in its scientific and technical aspects, especially in the most advanced fields.

I also want to make a final reminder for the awards. Don’t forget to make sure your section professional members (Officers, Seniors, and YPs), as well as colleagues, are recognised by the scientific community. And do not forget we are a technical and scientific organisation, even if Membership or Service Awards are of paramount importance, technical awards are for me the best significance of our members' DNA and excellence.

SPE awards recognise members for their technical contributions, professional excellence, career achievement, industry leadership, public service in O&G.

Want your nomination to succeed? I recommend to have a look at the following resources for award nominators:

  • The SPE webpage which has plenty of useful information to help you prepare the nomination;
  • A video discussion "What do judges want to see in a good nomination?". This is one of our most asked questions. Rajan Chokshi and Susan Howes answer them
  • Select the most appropriate award
  • Read carefully subsections "Prepare a nomination” and “Nomination Best Practices"
  • Check nominee eligibility before nomination
  • It is still the right time to prepare nominations!
  • Apply before the deadline:
    • 15 February 2020 for International award
    • 1st March 2020 for Regional award

I wish all our members and their families a fantastic year and a superb decade to come.

With my best regards.

Jean-Marc Dumas
Director for North Sea and South, Central, and East Europe