Message from SPE Regional Director Europe

January 2023

Image of Laura Precupanu

Dear SPE colleagues,

Happy New Year! I hope that 2023 is a safe and prosperous year that rewards all your future initiatives with satisfaction and success. 

In 2022, SPE Italian Section, SPE London, SPE Netherlands Section, SPE Copenhagen, SPE Romanian Section and the SPE Geothermal Technical Section joined forces to organize the 2nd edition of the SPE Europe Energy GEOHackathon. The purpose was to educate and disseminate knowledge to all the participants on how Data Science applications can support Geothermal Energy Developments and drive the energy transition.

This year’s challenge was to develop an improved and accurate estimation of reservoirs’ mineralogy and porosity, which will enable decision makers to better quantify the business case of a geothermal plant development.

The entire programme was an educational journey covering:

  • Technical sessions on geothermal energy
  • Data science lectures from experts
  • Analysis of geothermal field datasets
  • Team working and networking

The programme started with 16 bootcamps, before releasing the dataset containing geothermal field related data. 

Over 150 people signed up for this event and they formed more than 20 virtual teams to collaboratively work on this task, not just from Europe, but from Australia to Canada. A wide range of sponsors stepped in supporting this event with cash, resources, learning material and subject matter experts. 

The event was a tough learning experience and, in the end, the teams submitted a final report, a five minute video and their coding for how they carried out the task. The judges reviewed all the submissions and decided on the winners, who received cash prizes of EUR 1,000, 400 and 200 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. This edition’s champions were the Fantastic Four, an integrated team from Australia, India and the USA.

GeoHackathon results image

The 2nd Europe GeoHackathon was a pleasure to organize and we very much look forward to the 2023 GeoHackathon, where we hope to build on last year’s event and ensure that education and skill diversification will be amplified. 

My personal gratitude goes to the entire team of organisers, partners, judges and participants. Without their continued support, the 2nd edition of the SPE Europe Energy GEOHackathon wouldn’t have been possible.

As it is the beginning of the year and the SPE awards nominations are ongoing, I would like to focus this second part of my message on the SPE Regional and International Awards Program and its importance.

SPE Awards Program is intended for members to recognize their colleagues. Why is peer recognition important for every organization or community? 

According to plenty of statistics, showing appreciation to our peers has never been more important than it is right now. Offering recognition and awards is also embedded in the mission and vision of our society. Therefore, encourage and motivate the SPE members, enforce a culture of excellence, collaboration, and support.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers recognizes members for:

  • Technical contributions
  • Professional excellence
  • Career achievement
  • Service to colleagues
  • Industry leadership
  • Public service

SPE Awards Program is nomination driven, so it takes the effort of several people to put together the right nomination. To receive an award, candidates must be first nominated and then recommended by the Awards subcommittees. 

I invite you to look around and pinpoint the leaders that influenced your profession, activity and technical discipline; the amazing and inspiring volunteers. Please devote time to ask for letters of recommendation and in the end to file the best nominations.

The deadlines for the SPE Awards nominations are:

  • 15 February, 2023 – International award nominations 
  • 1 March, 2023 – Regional award nominations 

Learn more about the process here. And if you are still wondering how to write an award-winning nomination, there is a best practices document available here

SPE Awards begin with YOU! Nominate a colleague today!

With best regards,

Laura Precupanu
SPE Regional Director Europe
Senior Expert Capability Excellence, OMV Petrom