Message from SPE Regional Director Europe

July 2022

Image of Laura Precupanu


Dear SPE colleagues,

The summer has already arrived, and we are looking forward to our holiday season. Also, the SPE Sections and Student Chapters are building strategies for their upcoming activities.

The SPE International is already working in defining a new strategic plan for the years to come. In this regard a new SPE community – General Discussions - was created on SPE Connect and I am kindly inviting you to join it here and contribute to the discussions posted there. The first question raised by Kamel Ben-Naceur, our SPE 2022 President is ‘What are the most critical issues, trends, or challenges on the horizon that are likely to impact you and your colleagues, the profession and SPE in the next few years?’

Section and Student Chapter Excellence Awards

Every year, based on the reports submitted by each of the sections and student chapters, juries formed of SPE volunteers are ranking the sections and student chapter based on specific criteria and the best local teams are awarded.

Recently also the section awards have been announced, so I am happy to let you know the sections and student chapters in Europe who have been awarded with the Excellence Award. This prestigious award is the second highest honor a section or student chapter may receive and is awarded to only 20% of section and student chapters around the world.

Section Excellence Award

  • Ivano-Frankivsk Section
  • Kavala Section
  • Romanian Section

Student Chapter Excellence Award

  • Batman University Student Chapter
  • University of Bucharest Student Chapter
  • University of Clausthal Student Chapter

Petroleum Engineering Summer School

Petroleum Engineering Summer School is a series of workshops in which each (young) professional or student should have the chance to participate at least once in his/her career. The workshops are organised as lectures followed by professional discussions.

I had the chance to give a talk and participate at the workshop 52 of this prestigious summer school, so greatly organized by University of Zagreb together with several institutions. SPE Croatian Section is supporting the event and it was so good to see several SPE members contributing at the event as organizers, participants and lectures. This year the topics included:

  • Natural gas trading, LNG markets, LNG shipping and trading, gas market flexibility and energy transition
  • Emission management – methane measuring and mitigation, carbon capture, utilization and storage

The second week of PEES was focused on geothermal development, with topics covering the geological potential, well planning, well construction, reservoir engineering, production utilization, legal and economic aspects.

As you can see, an interesting and diverse range of subjects, which appeal to a wide range of participants. Please add this event to your calendar for next June.

SPE Beyond the Borders – a Young Professionals European Initiative

After a 2-year stop because of the pandemic, SPE Beyond the Borders (BtB) initiative was back again for the first time in Vienna.

Hosted by the SPE Vienna Basin Section, the event took place over 3 days starting from June 30th until July 2nd. Vienna welcomed participants from six different European SPE sections: Aberdeen, Stavanger, Romanian, Italian, France and Portugal sections, in addition to guests from SPE Abu Dhabi Section, who are planning to replicate the BtB experience in the MENA region. The total number of participants reached 20 young professionals.

The event’s governing theme was ‘European Energy Independence’. Hence the different activities revolved around the topics of diversifying the Energy Portfolio, speeding up the Energy Transition and taxonomy on CO2 emissions; and consequently, their impact on the energy industry and young professionals’ skillset.

The event was very well received by the participants as it gave them the chance to connect with young professionals from around Europe and UAE. The 2022 program of the Beyond the Borders initiative will continue and I am already looking forward to the next event in Basilicata, in October 2022. Congratulations to the entire team of organisers and to our regional BtB committee for making this event possible.

SPE BtB initiative in Vienna


SPE BtB initiative in Vienna - opec


As I close this message, I must thank the members and officers for their efforts in supporting the local sections and student chapters. I wish you a very relaxing summer!

With kind regards,

Laura Precupanu
SPE Regional Director Europe
Senior Expert Stimulation Engineering, OMV Petrom