Message from SPE Regional Director Europe

October 2020

Image of Laura Precupanu Dear Colleagues,

It is with great happiness and enthusiasm that I am writing to you. The Society of Petroleum Engineers is a fine blend of engineers, researchers, professionals, consultants, managers, members of Academia and students that integrate the best competences to make an impact to our industry. I feel honored having the opportunity to write this message as the new SPE Regional Director for Europe. A warm welcome to all of you!

I would like to thank you for trusting in my abilities and electing me for this key role in Europe. My utmost gratitude to Jean-Marc Dumas, who for three years represented our region at high level, with passion, dedication, and a lot of enthusiasm. Thank you, Jean-Marc! I promise to build on the previous initiatives to ensure sustainable connections, but also challenge the status quo.   

I am starting my term during an extremely difficult period for us as humanity, for the Oil & Gas industry and for our dear Society, SPE. However, I am confident that together we will succeed in continuing our activities, developing, and growing our ongoing projects and why not reinvent ourselves.

There are three unpredictable years ahead, full of the unknown. I see them as our opportunity to show resilience and strengthen the ties amid the most important asset of this industry, the people.

During my tenure, I will try at the best of my capabilities to:

Foster higher communication and collaboration across Europe.

As you know, the Europe is a vast region, comprised of 30 sections and 51 student chapters. At the end of my term, I would like us to stand for higher unity with the SPE sections and chapters closely collaborating. 

Expand SPE’s services and the use of its resources within the region. 

Following the line of thought, “trusted technical knowledge and tools that inform your work and promote best practices in the industry”, I strongly encourage you to tap better into SPE’s resources. 

I recommend devoting time to understanding the benefits of your membership to further connect and grow alongside this impressive Society. During the years, I realized that there is room for improvement in this regard. 

I would therefore kindly like to invite you to visit the SPE resources page, and dear SPE section and chapter officers, please try to integrate them in your sections’ activities.

Increase awareness of SPE’s culture and benefits.

SPE is a world of opportunities that offers professional development and tangible personal growth. During this unstable period, SPE remains a constant in our professional lives by continuing its mission – to collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge for the public benefit and provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competencies.

Proportionally to your devoted energy, SPE offers multiplied value and provision of wisdom. As a dear friend of mine used to say, SPE is a reward multiplier. You invest 10 and receive back 1000. In case you choose not to invest, the rewards will not follow.

In November, we are planning to have a virtual Meet & Greet session with key section officers and a second one with the presidents of the student chapters. Please join me to represent your section and chapter. Your participation will be highly appreciated, as your input and feedback are very important to me.

Finally, yet importantly we are approaching the year-end and I would like to invite you to renew the SPE membership for 2021.

I address a cordial greeting to all of you. I wish that you and your families would remain in good health. During this period, more than ever, be cautious!

Kind regards,

Laura Precupanu
Expert Stimulation Engineering, OMV Petrom
SPE Regional Director Europe