Message from SPE Regional Director Europe

October 2023


Image of Laura Precupanu

Dear SPE colleagues and friends,

I hope you are well and happy, to welcome a new autumn season.

It has been a busy last month, as the summer ended and events have resumed across Europe and the world. 

An important event for the region and the SPE officers from sections and student chapters was the annual Regional Section Officers Meeting (RSOM), which this year was held between 15-17 September in The Hague, with the support of SPE Netherlands.

At the Regional Section Officers Meeting, we had a face-to-face event with almost 70 participants, from 15 sections and 8 student chapters. The event was a successful blend of networking sessions, presentations, workshops and cultural activities. Three workshops were held, all of them organised in the attempt to encourage best practices sharing and to receive feedback from the SPE officers and members.

The output from these workshops has been shared with the participants. It is now up to each section to agree and deliver their own plans, based on their priorities. 

Regional Section Officers Meeting image

As you might already know, my term as SPE Regional Director came to an end and with great enthusiasm I am inviting you to support Pierre-Emmanuel D’Huart, in the same manner you helped me during these three years.

As I am writing this message, my heart is filled with a mixture of emotions - gratitude, satisfaction and a bit of nostalgia. It has been an incredible journey serving as your SPE Regional Director for Europe. Allow me to take a moment to reflect on the journey we embarked upon together and the accomplishments we achieved over the past three years.

Fostering Higher Communication and Collaboration Across Europe

One of the primary objectives I set out to accomplish during my term was to foster higher levels of communication and collaboration across SPE sections in Europe. 

I am proud to report that we have made significant steps in this regard. Our efforts to connect student chapters and sections, facilitate cross-border knowledge exchange, and promote regional events have resulted in a better SPE community across Europe. To be mentioned here the collaborations between sections, the SPE Europe Energy Geohakaton, the SPEcial Geothermal Talks, the student event SPE Student Series.

Increasing Awareness of SPE’s Culture and Benefits

My term aimed to increase awareness of SPE’s culture and the numerous benefits offered to its members. It was crucial to ensure that every member, regardless of their career stage, understood the many opportunities and advantages that SPE provides.

The events and sessions held to promote more and more SPE fostered a stronger sense of community and belonging among our members.

Allow me to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for your support and dedication. It has been an honour to serve this extraordinary society, and I am confident that the momentum we have built will continue to drive SPE's success in the years ahead.

I look forward to continuing to work alongside you all as we navigate the exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, this time as section officer.

Thank you for three years of collaboration, service and fun. 

I wish you all the best. Stay safe and healthy!


With best regards,

Laura Precupanu
SPE Regional Director Europe
Senior Expert Capability Excellence, OMV Petrom