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How Do You Survive Changes?

By Edna Michelle Bisso Bi Mba
Winter 2024


Edna Michelle Bisso Bi Mba
Edna Michelle Bisso Bi Mba

Dear SPE friend,

What comes first to your mind when you think about change?

For me, I would say it is normality & adaptability.

As far as I can think of I have always been through changes:

In my childhood I grew up in three different Gabonese cities (Libreville, Oyem and Port-gentil) because I had to move with my parents who were active in the medical sector, changing school every time and leaving friends behind. 

After my secondary school degree I decided to move to Germany to study petroleum engineering. It was a big milestone in my life since I had to adapt to the German education system, learn the German language and integrate to the community to successfully complete my study.

Since I started my professional career 10 years ago, I went through many changes some where unvoluntary and just happen to me, for instance the fact that I never resigned, but worked for three different companies RWE Dea, DEA and Wintershall DEA. Every time I needed to adapt to a new company philosophy, new strategies, new values, new logo. On the other hand it was more than crucial for me to control the narrative of my career and change my position/role in the organization. I started as a simulation reservoir engineer mainly sitting in the office dealing with history match & predictions then worked as an operation reservoir engineer where I gained practical experience and implemented reservoir surveillance measures on an offshore platform. In July 2023, I started a new challenge as Lab service manager with 14 direct reports at the Technology & Service Center of Wintershall Dea being responsible for all geoscience, digital rocks, core analysis and laboratory service projects. Additionally being a mother of two is my main achievement and a change, well a turbulence, that I am proud of. 

Well, what really helps me to survive and thrive is the fact that I act proactively and quite often go out of my comfort zone. Being engage in our corporate Women’s Network while thriving for a more equal gender split in the organization and in the energy sector at all hierarchical levels and volunteering as young professional at the international level and board member of the German section SPE give me numerous opportunities to reinvent myself on a regular basis and solve today issues while building up tomorrow.

What is about you? How do you survive changes? 

I would love to get your opinion on this topic. Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or to approach me at the next “in person” SPE event. 

Edna Michelle Bisso Bi Mba
Head of Reservoir Services, Technology & Services Center, Wintershall Dea
Co.Chair of Wintershall Dea Women’s Network
Treasurer, German Section SPE