Ambassador Lecturer FAQs


ALP visits can either be requested by a school or university (regardless of whether it has an established SPE Student Chapter), individual students, or arranged by the SPE Section.  

Students – Contact your SPE Chapter Faculty Advisor who can help request a young professional to give a lecture. If your school does not have an SPE contact ask your Department Head to request a visit by emailing us at

Lecturers – You can register to become an Ambassador Lecturer through the League of Volunteers. Once you are approved, you will be listed as an Ambassador Lecturer in your area. You can actively work with your local section and chapter to arrange a visit directly.

School/Universities – If you want to arrange a visit to your school, university, or student chapter, please contact your or your SPE Section to request a suitable SPE Young Professional to speak.

SPE Sections – Contact for a list of registered lecturers in your area. If you already have a suitable lecturer you can also work with schools, universities or SPE Chapters in your region to arrange a visit directly.

Ambassador Lecturers must meet these requirements:

  • Be an SPE Member (age 35 or under), who participates in young professional activities through their SPE Section.
  • Should have some experience in presenting and engaging with a student audience, either within their company or through other activities. Extensive presentation experience is not required.

You can register to become an Ambassador Lecturer through the SPE League of Volunteers. Once approved, you will be given access to the Ambassador Lecturer Community on SPE Connect, as well as listed as a lecturer for your area.

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Get university students excited about being part of the E&P industry
  • Provide a glimpse into career opportunities and cutting-edge technologies
  • Highlight the benefits of being an SPE Member

Presentations are expected to be 30-45 minutes.

Once a lecture has been completed, we require that the lecturer or the SPE Section complete the Lecturer Feedback Survey so that we can track the number of visits taking place. If you would like to submit multiple visits at one time, you can email the following details for each visit:

  • Lecturer details (name, email address, SPE membership number)
  • Name and location of school/university
  • Date of visit
  • Approximate attendance

Yes. First, you need to register to be an Ambassador Lecturer through League of Volunteers. Once you have submitted the Lecture Survey form and your lecture is verified we will allocate volunteer points to your SPE Volunteer Profile.

There is no limit to how many lectures you can give. However, you can only claim expenses up to USD 100 per visit. You can only claim ALP visits which have been submitted via the Lecturer Feedback Survey, meet the requirements and have been verified by the host. We encourage you to visit multiple schools when you can.

No, regional lectures to schools and universities can be given in the local language.

Presentations can be found on our ALP community on SPE Connect. You will be given access to this once you are a registered volunteer.