SPE League of Volunteers

From the SPE president, to committee members and lecturers, volunteers provide the leadership of SPE for the benefit of other members and the industry.


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The League of Volunteers is a group of dedicated members who share their experience and expertise for the betterment of SPE and the oil and gas industry.

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The Benefits of Volunteering

Join our league of dedicated members who provide the energy that makes our society work.

Enhance your leadership skills.

Influence SPE programs and activities with your knowledge and experience.

Meet and work with other members near you and around the globe.

Contribute in your area of interest at both the local and international levels.

For more, read about these SPE members' volunteer experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of volunteer opportunities are available through SPE?
How can I get involved with my local section and community?
When can I expect to see new volunteer opportunities available?
Who can volunteer with SPE?
How can I update SPE with my former volunteering experience?
As a student member, what kinds of volunteer opportunities will I find?

Contact us at volunteer@spe.org for more information.

Standing Committees

SPE Standing Committees manage various functions of the Society.
These committees are comprised of dedicated members from the League of Volunteers.

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