New York and New England Petroleum Section

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Date Established: 16 December 1954


Dr. Bilgin Altundas, Schlumberger

Chairperson Elect

Dr. Bilgin Altundas, Schlumberger

Membership Chairperson

Dr. Deepak Datye, Simulia

Program Chairperson

Dr. Omidreza Mohammadzadeh, Schlumberger - Doll Research


Jean Elkhoury, Schlumberger - Doll Research


Dr. William J Bailey, Schlumberger

Past Chairperson

Dr. Bilgin Altundas, Schlumberger


Mr David A Donohue, IHRDC


Dr. Elizabeth J Smythe, Schlumberger - Doll Research

Communications Chairperson

Allen Egon Cholakian

YP Chairperson

Mr. Anthony A Kmetz II, ARAMCO Services Company

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Mrs. Meda Merritt, Society of Petroleum Engineers

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