Edmonton Section

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Date Established: 5 March 1990


Mr Christopher O Lam, C-FER Technologies

Membership Chairperson

Mr. Todd A Zahacy, C-FER Technologies

Program Chairperson

Mr. Morgan D Allen, Noetic Engineering 2008 Inc


Shu Pan, Schlumberger

Past Chairperson

Mr Jonathan R Prill P Eng, National Oilwell Varco

Internet Chairperson

Mr. Evan Noble, Weatherford PC Pump Ltd.


Mr Wayne Klaczek, C-FER Technologies


Mr. Mike Hazelton

Scholarship Chairperson

Dr Shabbir Mustafiz, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures

YP Chairperson

Mr Patrick Hicks, C-FER Technologies

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Jillian Thomas, Society of Petroleum Engineers

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