Sponsorship Opportunities


Reach the Caspian’s Oil & Gas Industry


Sponsorship at the SPE Virtual Annual Caspian Technical Conference provides companies with a unique branding and marketing opportunity to reach a high calibre audience in the oil and gas community. With strong support from the international community, sponsorship will effectively position your organisation directly to E&P industry leaders and key decision makers in the Caspian region and beyond. 

Why Participate?

Based on the 2019 SPE Caspian Technical Conference:

  • More than 550 attendees
  • 80% of attendees were from the Caspian region
  • 156 different organisations represented
  • 26 countries represented


Benefits of Sponsoring a Virtual Conference:

  • Wider global audience reach giving sponsors the potential of accessing new markets
  • Excellent opportunities for showing brand presence
  • Time and cost savings for sponsors and attendees
  • Data capture and analysis allowing 100% measurability 
  • Important sponsor content is more accessible with a longer shelf life and improved distribution
  • Immediate and controlled communication with potential audience
  • Accessibility to budget holders, who either do not normally choose to travel, or are unable to due to costs
  • Cost per lead is significantly lower than a conventional event

Our sponsorship packages allow your organisation to:

  • Maximise your brand awareness from now until the event
  • Reach and network with a highly targeted international and Caspian audience
  • Be associated with industry leading and cutting edge technological content
  • Participate with senior members from the industry’s most influential organisations
  • Be part of the extensive SPE event marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Be part of the industries development of new technology solutions
  • Support SPE and the market in developing young local talent and their careers



For more information about sponsorship opportunities at the 2021 SPE Virtual Caspian Technical Conference, please contact:

Dean Guest, Business Development Manager – Events, Europe & Caspian
Tel +44 20 8078 6711 | Email Dean