Technical Section Programming Ideas

As global professional technical groups, SPE technical section members benefit from a number of programs available to participate in. Provided are a few examples of these activities.


  • Nominate candidates for Regional and International Awards.

Collaborate with Local Geographic Sections

  • Work with geographic section officers in proposing discussion topics and inviting subject matter experts to speak at a section meeting.

Distinguished Lecturers

  • Nominate candidates for Distinguished Lecturers.


  • Serve as mentors to share industry insights and career advice with young professionals or students.


  • Submit topic proposals for forums, symposia and workshops.
  • Serve as resource for SPE staff (identify speakers, program committee members).
  • Contact your SPE staff liaison to volunteer or serve in program committee.

Submit Forum Topic Proposal

Submit Workshop Topic Proposal


  • Volunteer to write or contribute to an article.

Knowledge “Bundles”

  • Review SPE program offerings (webinars, training courses, OnePetro) and “bundle” into a relevant topic curriculum.
  • Upload the curriculum “bundle” to SPEConnect library.
  • Post discussion to alert members about its availability.
  • Alert staff of new product so it may be marketed more effectively.


  • Search for topic-relevant papers and presentations from various societies, all in one place.


  • Review and submit relevant content.
  • Volunteer to serve as a PetroWiki “champion” to review submitted content and ensure pages are approved for users.


  • Serve as technical resource to SPE staff on programs, events, books development, etc.

SPE Conferences

  • Write and submit abstracts to ATCE (or other SPE conferences) paper sessions.
  • Contact your SPE staff liaison to volunteer or serve on a program committee.
  • Collaborate on technical section events (dinners, topical luncheons, receptions, symposia):
    • Submit topics.
    • Identify or serve as a keynote speaker or panelist.
    • Identify or sponsor a technical section dinner, reception, or symposium.
    • Participate in planning and organizing event.
  • Participate in a Technical Program.
    • Contact your staff liaison to volunteer or serve on a program committee.
  • Propose a Special Session.
    • Submit a special session submission form.

SPEConnect Discussions:

Contact your technical section’s online webmaster to volunteer to assist with technical section moderator duties:

  • Start a discussion.
  • Keep discussions going by responding and contributing to discussion threads.
  • Submit technical content and/or moderate discussions to ensure they meet with code of conduct and technical quality.
  • Create group of content contributors and formulate a schedule for moderators to follow.

SPE League of Volunteers

  • Join this group of dedicated members who give their time to SPE. Search volunteer opportunities and share your volunteer experiences and stories.

SPE Technical Reports

  • View, propose and /or write technical reports.

Training Courses

  • Submit proposals for training and development courses.
  • Conduct a training course.


Young Professionals (YPs)

  • Collaborate with YP members in your technical section.
  • Write articles for The Way Ahead
  • Serve as speaker at section YP events.
  • Provide technical advice to YPs.