Policies and Procedures

Our members expect high standards of integrity of themselves and of other members. In carrying out our mission, to which no exception is made, all SPE activities shall be conducted according to our policies and procedures.

Guidelines for Members

We believe that our members should exhibit high standards of competency, honesty, integrity, and impartiality, be fair and equitable, and accept a personal responsibility for adhering to applicable laws, protecting the environment, and safeguarding the public welfare in their professional actions and behavior.

Publication Guidelines

We encourage open and objective discussion of technical and professional subjects, and our publications shall contain no judgmental remarks or opinions as to the technical competence, personal character, or motivations of any individual, company, or group. Any material that, in the publisher's opinion, does not meet the standards for objectivity, pertinence, and professional tone will be returned to the contributor with a request for revision before publication.

Logo Guidelines

The name and logo should be used by sections, regional councils and student chapters for promoting and communicating all official SPE business. The aim of this policy is to safeguard the strong brand image and reputation that we have built over time, and we have provided very clear direction on members' and sections' use of the SPE name and logo in connection with non-SPE events. Request a Logo.

SPE Event Cancellation Guidelines

Attendee Registration Fee Refund Policy
If SPE declares force majeure, due to imminent threat of circumstances that may make holding the event impractical or harmful to people attending it; we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the event. In those circumstances, SPE will refund 100% of registration fee.

General Guidelines

Each function and activity of the society should serve the broader membership while addressing local needs, supporting technical and professional excellence, making wise use of society resources, as well as complying with all US and EU laws.

How SPE uses your information

We collect certain information, such as your address, telephone number, and other demographic and billing information in order to process your membership effectively and efficiently, and in planning future programs and services to better serve you.