SPE Name and Official Logo Use


SPE logo blue Use of the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ ("SPE") name (including the acronym SPE) and the official SPE International logo depicted at the top of this page are governed by this policy and the Graphics Standard Guide. This policy additionally pertains to all corporate subsidiaries of SPE as well as SPE sections and chapters. Unauthorized use of SPE’s name and/or any of its trademarks is subject to legal action.



Required Use of SPE Name and/or Logo. SPE members and staff must use the SPE name and/or logo or approved variations thereof (see SPE Graphics Standards) in the conduct of Board-approved SPE programs. This includes all official SPE entities (such as national or regional councils, geographic sections, technical sections, student chapters, and online communities). SPE’s name and the SPE logo may not be used in any programs or activities not sanctioned by the SPE International Board of Directors.*

Board Approval Need for Use. SPE entities may not use, or authorize the use of, the SPE name or SPE logo in connection with the following activities without obtaining approval from the SPE International Board of Directors:

  1. Any event organized with a commercial or not-for-profit meeting organizer
  2. Any event done in partnership or association with commercial or not-for-profit entities
  3. Any publication (print or electronic) involving an organization other than SPE.

Board approval of any joint venture, such as a joint meeting or publication, will serve as the approval of use of the SPE name and logo within the terms of the joint-venture agreement. Separate board approval of SPE’s name or logo use is not required.

Standards for Display

The SPE logo may be annotated to signify the role of a particular section, student chapter, or other SPE entity in administering an SPE program or activity as provided in the SPE Graphic Standards, which also addresses permissible colors and fonts.

Use by Individual Members

SPE members may use the SPE Member Icon (see Member Benefits for more information), which incorporates the SPE logo, on email signatures, online profiles, and resumes or business cards to signify their membership in SPE. The SPE Member Icon is an SPE member benefit and may not be shared with others who are not SPE members. The Member Icon may not be used in a manner to imply SPE endorsement of any individual, product, or service.

Compliance with Other SPE Policies

Beyond this general policy, use of the SPE name and/or logo must be in compliance with any conditions set forth in other SPE policies as found in the guidelines, including the following:

  • Meetings Policy
  • Guidelines for Section Websites
  • Publications Policy
  • Policy on Intersociety Cooperation

No individual SPE member or group of SPE members (section, student chapter, council, etc.) may authorize use of the SPE name or logo by another organization for any activity that is not in compliance with this policy.

See our Logo Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Contact the SPE Marketing Department if you have any questions about use of the SPE Logo.

* Regular section meetings (see SPE Meetings Policy, Section 2.10), including those held in cooperation with the local entities of other societies, do not require Board approval.