SPE Graphics Standards

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Graphic Standards Guide governs the appearance of the SPE logo, and provides detailed guidelines on the correct usage of the SPE logo, colors, typography, and other elements used in the design of printed materials and web pages. 

Correct logo usage will enhance and project a long-term visual identity for SPE that will have a powerful impact on how we are viewed by our members and the public. These Graphic Standards will also safeguard the name recognition and professional image that SPE has built over time. 

The guidelines provide SPE sections, student chapters, and regional/national councils the flexibility to design a print or web publication that is unique to your program, yet is readily identifiable as a part of the SPE family. See below for specific information related to section/chapters. 

This Graphic Standards Guide applies to anything bearing the SPE name—publications, brochures, advertisements, promotional items, and web pages. Please contact SPE Marketing with questions about whether your use of the logo and other branding elements complies with the guidelines.

Logo Usage

Official Uses of the Logo

The SPE logo is used for SPE’s official business in promoting SPE activities and programs in publications and on SPE websites by SPE staff, board members, regional/national councils, sections, and student chapters. Please see the SPE Logo and Name Use Policy and associated FAQs for guidance on the use of the SPE name in connection with SPE meetings and publications, as well as approval requirements for the use of the SPE logo in connection with meetings or publications sponsored by other organizations.


The SPE logo consists of freestanding, stylized globes bearing “SPE International,” as shown below. The blue is Pantone #293 (see color specifications below). The logo also may be used in black and white. The logo is not to be used in other colors. The logo color should not be changed to match the project color scheme.

spe color logo

Color version.

spe black logo

Black and white version.

Color Specifications

Spot Color - Pantone #293
Use this color model for high-quality printing where “spot colors” are required.

4-Color Process (CMYK) - C: 100 M: 80 Y: 10 K: 2
Use this color model for professional 4-color printing.

RGB - R: 13 G: 76 B: 146
Use this color model for websites and office printing.

Reversing the Logo for Dark Backgrounds

You may reverse the SPE globes and typeface to be white with blue or white with black
when using a dark color background. Do not use a white outline or shadow around the
globes to separate them from a dark background.

Acceptable variations:

spe reverse logo

Placing Logo on Images

set of spe logos

You may place the SPE logo on images if the logo still stands out and is readable. The background must not be busy or distracting.

Size and Placement

The logo must be reproduced large enough in relation to the overall page or screen size to ensure adequate legibility and prominence. “SPE” must be readable even at small sizes.

When using the SPE logo, keep a minimum of 0.25 inches (0.635 centimeters) of clear space surrounding the logo to separate it from other elements such as copy, pictures, slogans, and other symbols. This area, referred to as the area of non-interference, preserves the visual impact and legibility of the SPE logo.

Two other important identifiers are required for placement in all SPE-sponsored publications when the logo is used:

  • The society’s full name, Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Web address (www.spe.org)

“Society of Petroleum Engineers” is written with initial caps only, not all uppercase letters, in the Helvetica Bold Condensed typeface. If that typeface is not available, Arial Narrow is an acceptable alternative.

The full society name and web address should be placed in an appropriately prominent location. For example, both of these elements must appear on the cover of any brochure promoting an SPE meeting as well as the SPE logo.

The SPE name and web address should reverse to white on a dark background or may be printed in black on a lighter color background.

The SPE logo may be used without the wording “Society of Petroleum Engineers” in materials that contain other sponsoring societies or corporate logos.

Improper Use of the Logo

  • Disproportionate sizing (logo too small)
  • Lack of prominence—logo placed too close to other design features or other logos
  • Incorrect placement of other SPE identifiers (not placing name and web address in prominent positions, failure to use these elements on publications)
  • Adding other elements or reassembling elements as part of the logo
  • Incorrect colors
  • Distracting backgrounds
  • Using SPE’s old logo (globes in rectangle box):



Section and Chapter Names with SPE Logo

SPE provides sections and student chapters a logo with their name under the SPE globes to clarify their management of certain activities. Putting a section/chapter name below the SPE logo does not make it a new logo—it is still the SPE logo.


The web address for the section/chapter may be centered beneath the logo, placed to the left or right of the logo, or placed separately on the page away from the logo. Type size should not be smaller than printer’s specifications for both direct and reverse print.

Sections/student chapters may access their logo and stationery template in the library folder of the Officer Community of SPE Connect. You must be an officer of the section/chapter to access the resources.

Section Officers: Access your logo here »
Chapter Officers: Access your logo here »
Technical Section Officers: Contact technicalsections@spe.org

Special Note for Other SPE Groups

Study groups, young professionals groups, and other entities that are part of an SPE section or student chapter may not adopt their own logos. Such groups should use the regular section/chapter/council logo and identify the special program elsewhere in the printed or electronic content.

SPE Logo on Promotional Items

When using the SPE logo on promotional items, be sure that the logo is readable. Readability becomes a problem when the logo is reduced to fit on a very small surface like an ink pen—the word “International” can become illegible. An option for small surfaces is to use the words “Society of Petroleum Engineers” in the designated typeface (Helvetica Condensed Bold) without the globe logo.

For all section- and chapter-sponsored promotional items: Follow the aforementioned guidelines for using the section/chapter name with the logo.


These are the specifications for SPE's three main colors. While chapters or events may use a variety of color palettes, these main colors can be used to reflect branding and consistency.

palette of three SPE colors

Web Guidelines

The color choices and guidelines established above also apply to use of the logo on SPE websites (including sections and student chapters) with the following differences:

Graphic headers, banners and other elements

  • In a graphic header or other element, the font specifications above apply. If it is not part of a graphical element, the font used for “Society of Petroleum Engineers” or the section name should be Arial Narrow Bold or Helvetica Bold Condensed.
  • Use of a light drop shadow with the SPE logo is acceptable, but the text “Society of Petroleum Engineers” should not have a drop shadow.

Website headers for sections, chapters and councils

  • In website headers, the section/chapter/council name does not have to be placed below the logo. The section/chapter/council name may be placed to the right or to the left of the logo, but must be prominent. It is acceptable to create a website header that does not include the SPE logo, as long as the SPE logo is prominently displayed elsewhere on the home page of the website, and the section name is prominent in the header.
  • If the SPE logo is used on a section website as a link to SPE.org, it should not include the section name below it.

Event Websites

  • The colors and specifications for the logo may not be modified for any event websites. Use of the SPE logo alongside other event sponsors or co-hosts is often carefully negotiated in our agreements with other organizations.  Please verify the size specifications with the event manager.
  • When used on an event website, regardless of our level of participation, the logo must always be large enough to be clearly readable.  Contact the director of web content if you have questions.

Section Websites

In addition to the specifications here, see the complete guide to SPE Section website content, design, and usability.



Contact the SPE Marketing Department with any questions on using the SPE logo in your publications and websites. Information is also available on our guidelines page.