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First SPE Emissions Management Workshop

The SPE Workshop: Thriving in the Energy Transition Through Emissions Management, was held virtually over three days (15-17th September) and attracted 60 attendees from 39 organisations and 11 countries.

Congratulations to Bernadette Cullinane and Brett Doherty for their leadership in developing such a strong and relevant program.

What a great start to the series of workshops in development around the world – from Houston, to the Hague, to Calgary, to the Gulf of Mexico, to Berlin and more to come – each addressing the decarbonisation and energy mix topics from different angles.

I hope this pandemic will help organisations move away from a blame culture, where failure is unforgivable, to a culture of psychological safety that is so desperately needed to shift the paradigm in health, safety and environment (HSE).

Emissions management is a key topic in the oil and gas field, with operations leaders, executive management, regulators and stakeholders. It has also made it onto the agenda of SPE’s Board of Directors.

“While Australia is leading in many aspects of emissions reduction, including operating the world’s largest CO2 geo-sequestration project, there is a great deal more that we can do. The emissions management workshop increased our collective knowledge base and exposed us to global leading practices around emissions measurement, management and reduction to accelerate the transition to a lower-carbon economy.”
Bernadette Cullinane, Deloitte Partner, National Oil and Gas Lead

Emissions management is no longer the domain of a small number of environmental scientists/managers. It is a paramount topic which every practitioner in the industry needs to be across, and the field of emissions management and reduction is evolving rapidly and daily.

The virtual Australian workshop was based around an agenda of critically important content shared by discussions leaders from industry operators, service companies, technology providers (including an emissions detection satellite operator), regulators and the investment community. The keynote speakers included Cecile Wake, the MD of Arrow Energy and John Hirjee, a Senior Adviser at ANZ bank, specialising in Australasian energy and utility companies. Both Cecile and John shared their perspectives on the role of emissions management in investment, development and operational decisions as well as the social license to operate.

Topics covered included energy efficiency, low emissions power generation, techniques to reduce flaring, various approaches around the dynamic and evolving activities in the field of carbon capture, utilisation and storage, new innovative technology to detect, measure, monitor and reduce emissions and regulation as an enabler for emissions reduction.

After each discussion, a virtual “meet the experts” session was held which enabled a deeper dive into the topics and a chance to discuss how the industry can practically move forward.

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