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Birol Dindoruk

Birol Dindoruk

2019 ATCE Presentation

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SPE’s Management and Information Discipline Split to Address Growing Needs

In September 2019, the SPE Board approved important changes to the Management and Information technical discipline. Management is now a separate discipline. Information has been refocused and renamed Data Science and Engineering Analytics.

The board agrees this change is necessary to remain relevant and recognize the importance of digital transformation among our members’ responsibilities and the industry as a whole.

Please take a moment to update your discipline.


Featured Title

Data Driven book cover Data-Driven Reservoir Modeling introduces new technology and protocols (intelligent systems) that teach the reader how to apply data analytics to solve real-world, reservoir engineering problems. The book describes how to utilize machine-learning-based algorithmic protocols to reduce large quantities of difficult-to-understand data down to actionable, tractable quantities. Through data manipulation via artificial intelligence, the user learns how to exploit imprecision and uncertainty to achieve tractable, robust, low-cost, effective, actionable solutions to challenges facing upstream technologists in the petroleum industry.

Watch a video of Shahab D. Mohaghegh describing his new book.


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Data Science and Digital Engineering Data Science and Digital Engineering is SPE's newest online publication, presenting the evolving landscape of data management and use in the industry with original content from SPE and content curated from other relevant publications.  


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